Monday, January 16, 2012

This moment~ in January

-captured a beautiful sunrise at 7am.
-admiring the pretty plant picked by Beli on our last grocery shopping trip
-Beli cheered on the Broncos and Tim Tebow, sadly they lost against the New England Patriots

 -enjoyed a slice(s) of my favorite French-Croatian lemon cake
 -prepared chicken and edamame beans for Hubby and Beli
-Christmas tree continues to proudly stand in our living room
-Dora everywhere
 -Beli's creative corner

-An afternoon at the aquarium

~It's already mid-January
can you believe it?


  1. Can't believe it really!!!
    Hi Elisa, thank you very much for visiting my blog!
    How cute is that Beli???!!! :-)
    Michela x

  2. How beautiful, that sunrise you captured! Here it seems the sunrise and sunset are one in the winter; you've just seen the sun come up and it's going down again... In fact, in Northern Finland above the Arctic Circle the sun _doesn't_ rise for months. I don't know if I could stand that.

    Oh, I changed Ansku into my real first name Anna, and started a new blog to follow the wishes I made for 2012. You're most welcome to tag along! :)

  3. The colors in your first photo are beautiful!

  4. The photos are amazing, looks so artistic, congrats


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