Sunday, January 29, 2012

A visit to West Texas

Last week  my grandpa turned 79 years old. I could not miss the opportunity to visit him.
My Mom traveled via train to Colorado from Iowa then together the three of us flew to Texas.

 By now, Beli is a pro at flying. She sat on her chair, buckled up and began reading the in-flight magazine! 

 Beli was so happy to see her cousin 

 and Abuelito. 

 Las cuatro generaciones~ four generations.

It doesn't matter if it's months or a year, Beli and Great-Grandmother pickup right where they left off. They have so much fun together. It's so good to be around family!

My uncle prepared asado for my grandpa's birthday and my aunt made home-made tortillas. 

Abuelito, joining us for the party!

The weekend went by so quick. In March my Mom is planning another trip to Texas, I'm sure I will tagging along!


  1. Beli and her cousin look like they enjoy each other's company so much. I remember visits with the cousins. Oh! Time flies so quickly!...By the way, the tortillas look yummy too!

  2. They had a fun time! and between us, just looking at the tortillas makes me hungry!

  3. What a wonderful trip to have made! The photo of your daughter and your grandfather says it all, so honest and sweet. I also really Like the photos of Beli and her cousin, they seems happy to be around eachother, I imagine it does not happen often! Wow- that big pot of Asado looks amazing! Seems seriousness about cooking is in your blood!

  4. Yummy food and fun photos!

  5. the kids looks so cute! I love it! congrats for the blog!


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