Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Roadtrip

When I was pregnant, hubby and I visited the  wild animal sanctuary and this weekend we had the opportunity to visit again, with Beli of course!  
she was really happy about seeing all the animals, she just didn't want a photo with me!
What the founder/owner of the sanctuary has done with these animals is amazing: he has provided a safe haven for more than 290 lions, tigers, bears and other carnivores rescued from illegal or abusive situations, (the number has almost doubled from three years ago!) 

 A three year old tiger, Meeka stole the show. She was full of energy and captivated us with her playful personality. She jumped in the water and chased around a block of ice!
  We talked with one of the volunteers and she told us about some of the tigers and where they came from. For example, Meeka was rescued from a home in Minnesota, she was being kept as a 'pet' in the backyard with a chain around her neck. Two others were rescued from a truck stop in Texas where they were roadside attractions and their cubs were sold to motorists who stopped to put gas. 

 You can also read about the 25 lions rescued from Bolivia here. It's really an inspiring story!
Looks like Gala, (rescued from Mexico when she was only a cub) is enjoying the beautiful Colorado sunshine!

what's your opinion about captive animals?
I have mixed emotions when I take Beli to the zoo. I wonder if the animals are 'happy'.

Did you know before I choose pharmacy as my career I had first considered becoming a veterinarian?
Animals still and will always have a special place in my heart.


  1. Beautiful images.

    You ask a very good question and I feel animals should not be in captivity.

    Your daughter is a little doll

    Helen xx

  2. What beautiful tiger photos! My hubby and I love Bengal tigers! Love them! We have photos and calendars all over the house of them. I look forward to the time in the near future when all animals will be able to roam without fear of humans, and humans not having to fear them! {Bible says so. :-)} In the meantime, where could city kids actually see them if not for a reserve or the zoo?! It's a tough thing to think about. So, for now, since their capture is inevitable, you at least want them to be in a place where they are loved and respected.

  3. I absolutely LOVE looking at them. They are amazing. However, it always makes me sad too. Of course, I guess my cats are captive in my house...they seem to be happy enough. ;)


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