Friday, October 28, 2011

Dinner in Mesa Verde~or should I say part three of our roadtrip

Sorry about the delay, but here are the final pictures of our trip we took during Labor Day (over a month ago)!

 After breakfast in Ouray (part one of our road trip) and lunch in Telluride (part two),  we continued driving southwest to the town of Cortez to conclude our road trip. 
We arrived at the Mesa Verde National Park, late afternoon on Saturday. We still had several hours of daylight but not enough time to see all the ruins, which was a shame because I would have liked to take a guided tour but time was running out and we still had to drive back to Denver.... that night. (yes call us crazy!) So instead of seeing the cliff dwellings up close, we saw them from a distance. 
Still, pretty impressive right?


  1. Very impressive!!...I have tons of questions now! Guess I'll have to put them in my hat until I can visit the area myself...whenever that'll be!! LOL

  2. An amazing country indeed, no doubt !
    First of all once more thanks for posting, as you're giving everybody a free ride through your posts.
    We on our side, are just trying to get a bit organised in Svinisce, as loads of belongings entered our much to small place and gardenhouse.
    Still a lot to do before I start to post my own stories about living in Dalmacija, but I promise I will (soon ??).
    Was understanding between the lines that Davor has a job also, which is good news !
    Keep posting, keep working, keep being amazed by that other fantastic country !

  3. @Poetess, when ever you want to go on a virtual date with your hubby just let me know!

  4. Hey Pim, I have been visiting your place but I figured you have been busy unpacking and unsorting. I finally saw some of the construction photos of your home, wow! yeap, we both began our jobs on the same month and same day! very grateful for our jobs and hoping to continue working so we can start building our roots (purchasing our first home)


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