Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On the eve of the 25th....of October

it snowed! 

and  while I'm baking hundreds ( ok, more like 50 or 60) mini cupcakes for Beli's fall festival at school

she is practicing her own photo taking skills.


  1. Oh my, snow already? We've had some cold nights (and days), but not cold enough for that. I sure miss snow and the light it brings along, everything is so terribly dark right now.

    She will soon become a great photographer! :)

  2. It looks so pretty...the snow...doesn't it?!...Deceptive! LOL We're due to get some tonight. Thanks for taking the blow first! ^_^ By the way, 'good-looking-out' Beli! I see photographic potential! :-]

  3. Can't believe it! Gret shots!
    Is Beli becoming a blogger too perhaps?! :-)

  4. It is early for snow?

    Great images

  5. Oh my goodness...look at all that snow. When I saw your comment, I got super excited about the snow:) Glad you are doing well, sweetie and Beli is totally adorable:) Wish you both a cozy Thursday. Muah

  6. I have been following you from a far, and just dropping in to say I am amazed at how Beli has grown. Do not worry about the languages disappearing from her every day life. The mind is a wonderful thing. It stores the potential for a language and activating it one day will be a easy. Glad you are working and I know as every working mother you have a guilty conscience. I am sure that love that you bring to Beli is more then plenty to make up for the lost time.

    I miss the squirrels from DC. Every time I see them here, and that is very rarely, I reminisce.

  7. Its a cupcake? looks so yummy! the snow looks so cute too! :]


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