Sunday, October 16, 2011

A new friend

 A few weeks ago our landlord brought home a puppy. Beli stayed behind doors because she is scared of dogs. So when our landlord suggested putting a fence so Beli could continue playing outside but also have contact with the dog, we agreed.

  I think she is ok with his presence, in fact they have developed a strong bond. When we call Beli inside to have dinner, the puppy cries and Beli says, "the puppy is all alone!"
Can you see him behind the kitchen window?  

And after dinner, she goes back outside to make sure he is ok. 


  1. Ah, she lookis so happy and adorable. How well she's growing too. And the puppy is so cute. I'm sure she'll get over her fear of dogs in due course.
    Warmly hope all is well?;-)

  2. I think this is the sweetest post ever!! I love that now Beli can learn that she doesn't have to be afraid of all dogs and that the puppy doesn't have to be cooped up alone either! A win/win! Thanks for sharing. :-]

  3. dear Elisa,

    again nice pictures, a dog introduced to Beli's life is a good thing (and the very best friend one can have).
    do teach her how dogs behave, get a book for that.

    it's also nice your basil is growing great :-), excellent stuff to make any dish taste special.

    for us, this is our last day in Holland, tomorrow the mover comes to drive all our belongings to Svinisce, AT LAST !!!!

    so from now on, soon I'll be blogging again about the good life in our hidden valley in Croatia.

    thanks for posting, we'll keep in touch.
    pozdravi, pim.

  4. This is so adorable! So funny that Beli was so terrified of dogs, and now these two are inseparable! Beli is getting so big, and so adorable. Looking forward to reading about how their friendship develops :)

  5. Awww, this is such a sweet story!!!! How cute Beli runs with the dog with her stuffed toy! I'm so glad now she's not afraid of dog and she can play with him safely!


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