Friday, October 21, 2011

gifts from family ~traveled thousands of miles

Gifts have arrived from overseas.

Admiring her Pinocchio marionette that Baki sent from her recent trip to Rome.

This beautiful ballerina outfit from auntie in Serbia 

sunglasses and books also from Baki

These books will be another opportunity for hubby to speak Croatian to Beli. ( more on that later)

A very happy girl indeed.
PS. yeah it's Friday!...going to work and afterwards will be cooking dinner for three, maybe will try this for dessert? Apple cranberry pie with pecan crumb topping
 What plans do you have this weekend?


  1. She looks so happy!! :-] And cute too!...My plans this weekend will not be as much jumping around as Beli is doing!...^_^...My hubby is feeling a bit under the weather, so we'll be taking it slow and quiet this weekend...Wife/Nurse/Therapist duties. :-))

  2. Beli is a lucky girl. As a child, and still, I love getting packages from overseas. The joy of opening the box is very special

  3. Excellent new blog title !!!!!
    And while you unpacked gifts from Croatia, we are unpacking our stuff, finally living in Croatia for the rest of our happy life !
    (Blogs will follow asap).

  4. great blog! I love it! Congrats for everything


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