Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trilingual no more~ a year later

The last progress update I did on Beli was when she was 2.5 years old.
Wow.....Many, many changes since then. 

at 2.5 years old, Beli was  proficient in speaking Spanish and Croatian. During the 19 months we lived in Croatia, Beli's exposure to the English language was minimal. Hubby and I discussed if one of us should also speak English to her but then decided we shouldn't. After all, sooner  or later we would move back to the States.

Then it happened....

The transition:
We began our transition to the States when we moved to Iowa on December 2010. We lived with my parents for 4 months. Both my parents and I continued speaking Spanish to Beli. She would also repeat what her cousins said in English, having no idea what she was saying. And now, Ingles is all she speaks!

You can say my adventures of raising a trilingual toddler came to a screeching halt when we moved back to Colorado. I guess it makes sense, she spends an average of 8 hours a day with English speaking caregivers. Hubby and I work full time. My family is 12 hours away.  Can you blame the kid?

I feel terrible.
Somehow I think I'm letting her down.
Like I 'm denying her roots.
I also blame hubby for not putting more effort in speaking Croatian at home.
I also blame myself. I should be doing more.
I'm also,so so proud of Beli.

In less than one year she has learned the English language. She expresses herself very well. She continues to be very independent.

Our conversation at home goes something like this:

Daddy: " Beli let's go have breakfast."
Beli: " I want TV."
Me: " Beli andale vamos a comer."
Beli: " I want to watch TV."
Daddy: " we are going to school now, so let's have breakfast."
Beli: " NO!"
Me: "Beli, listen to daddy, vamos a comer."
Hubby: " Beli, come on."
Beli: " don't talk to me DADDY!"
Me: "Beli, don't yell at daddy."
Beli: " I'M NOT!"

What more can I do? Wish I had more time at home, but Not working is out of the question. So in the meantime, because that still worries me, I've started my own therapy-savings jar! 


  1. It's amazing how quick those little minds pick up things, isn't it?! For good or...*gulp*...for bad! ^_^ The good thing is that she's still able to pick it up. All you have to do is talk!!

  2. Love all your recent blog posts Elisa!! Looks like you guys are doing well! And I really like your idea of a therapy savings jar =) Great idea!

    Holly O.

  3. @Poetess, her brain is like a sponge absorbing everything! I guess that's a good thing? that she is still able to understand spanish, so I will continue speaking it!

  4. Thanks Holly! we are planning a trip to Iowa soon. (just for the weekend, but maybe I will swing by to meet your little princess and Kelly's too!)

  5. Increible, los chicos de ahora son muy inteligentes! Is amazing!


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