Monday, February 1, 2010

Something "Blue" to Share

This weekend we were invited by my husband's brother to meet his friends who had arrived from Civitanova Marche, Italy and were staying in Split for a few days. They had heard many wonderful things about our daughter from my brother-in-law that they were eager to meet her.

I was delighted to meet Dahlia, her husband and their daughter Katia, who greeted us in Italian and said she had a gift for Beli. Katia only seven years old was very patient with Beli as they tried assembling the smurf windmill.

Remember the Smurfs? I still have a small collection from when I was a kid.

Seeing these little blue men brought back memories from my childhood in Mexico. In fact, I remember a cousin of mine telling me that the smurfs were "evil." She said they came alive at night and walked around scaring small children by pulling their feet when they were sleeping. I'm not sure where the story originated from, but I never did believe that tale.

Playing with the pitufos.

Couldn't resist a picture of her little hand.

I'm recycling the gift bag, it's too nice. Don't you agree?

At home I located the town of Civitanova Marche on my world atlas. I would like to visit our new friends sometime soon. I learned it's located about 40 km southeast of Ancona. Which means we can travel by night on the ferry from Split and be there first thing in the morning!

Did you have a special toy/collection which takes you back to your childhood?


  1. LOVE your smurf collection! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually live in Littleton now. I love it here...and I love King Soopers, too.

  2. Loved your post and more than that, love your blog. The header says it all for me: multilingual. What other languages do you speak at home, besides Spanish (well, you're Mexican) and English (of course!)? You daughter is so beautiful!

    I have blogged extensively for more than three years now about multilingualism and the many benefits it brings. It's great to find someone with similar aims. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  3. Hi Noelle!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. do you like that new shopping center on Arapahoe Road? (I can't remember the other intersection .,University??) How fast one forgets.


  4. @A Cuban In London thank you! I do try to balance my time between blogging, keeping up with house chores (I'm a stay a home mom) and learning about our new culture.
    My husband's native language is Croatian.
    So I speak Spanish to Beli(ok maybe more Spanglish LOL), He speaks Croatian and between us we speak English (which my mother-in-law disagrees) Thinks I would learn faster the Croatian language but we want to expose our daughter to all 3 languages. I'll be visiting your blog more often I really want to read about your perspective on being multilingual.


  5. Sweet, sweet photos of Beli! Dolls take me back to my childhood. I loved them. With two boys, I didn't have the opportunity to start a doll collection for them but--oh my, I've treated myself to a few American Girl dolls and a collection of Japanese Kokeshi dolls. Maybe for a granddaughter someday?

  6. You know, I was recently introduced to the American Girl dolls (watching reruns of Kate & Jon show) but I really liked the idea when Beli is older to take her to a shop and have a tea party. (maybe it's still the little girl in me?...Dolls were hard to come by as a child)I will have to see these Japanese Kokeshi Dolls. And for you, yes there's always the hope of a granddaughter. Beli is the only girl amongst 5 grandchildren. My sisters are crazy about shopping pink for their only niece!

  7. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! I had to laugh when I saw the photos of the Smurfs. I have two boys, aged eight and eleven, who have recently begun playing with and collecting Smurfs. It cracks me up because they've been around for so, so long and seem to be making a resurgence. I love vintage toys and games and went through a bit of an obsession a few years back on ebay...

  8. Hi Elizabeth! thanks for stopping by. You know what's funny, I finally Gargamel here in Croatia!

  9. Thanks for stopping over in Ireland, we are raising our sons in Swedish/English in Ireland so that should be interesting. Your daughter is beautiful and the Smurf collection brings back memories!!

  10. Thank you Irish Mammy! It's good to read about other bilingual kids. I'll be stopping over more frequently to read about your adventures.

  11. Hola Elisa,

    Puedo usar mi español? Ahora, no puedo usarlo mucho.

    Que bueno que hayas vivido en tantos lugares. Gracias por tu mensaje. Me impresiona mucho tu blog y quiero seguir tus historias en Croatia. He oido que Croatia es lindo, especialmente la playa.

    Tu hija es hermosa. Te mando mucho suerte y carino.

    A @ Still Life

  12. A @still life
    Por supuesto que me puedes escribir en espanol. Mi Mama siempre me dice porque tus historias estan en Ingles? Y le digo es que me es difil expresarme en espanol. Pero creo que con tu ayuda podre mejorar mi lengua natal. (porque me da verguenza no hablarlo mas a menudo)

    Me da gusta encontrar amistades como tu. Gracias. Si,este pais es muy lindo y el clima es super.


  13. los pitufos! I am nostalgic, hey you should post your pic as a smurfette..hee heee..come on share

  14. thanks for reminding me, I forgot that pic. Ok sure I will post it!


Thank you for your comments!

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