Friday, October 8, 2010

comfortable feeling of living overseas

My routine every morning! 
Beli's routine 
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Is that a hot chocolate?!...Hmmmm....all of a sudden I'm craving a hot chocolate!! ^_^ Looks like a pretty good routine for all of you!!

  2. I can see your Bella growing right in front of us. She is really changing. Love our routine, and you should enjoy it as long as you can. You are one of the few that got used to the strong coffee, usually people stick to the filtered one. Sending a kiss for your angel from Belgrade!

  3. Bella is sweet and what a darling child;-)
    Your morning routine mirrors my own.
    Am wishing you a fun weekend too.

  4. @poetess it's actually coffee with milk. (very strong coffee)

  5. Jelena, yes I love dark coffee, the filtered kind just doesn't agree well with my stomach.
    Yes I'm trying to absorb as much sun/sea/coffee/free time as possible. LOL

    thank you I will give a kiss to our sweet angel.

    Ps. auntie is here visiting from Belgrade. She brought lots of yummy treats.

  6. What a great blog post title, and theme!
    Sweet Bella is growing up so quickly!

  7. thank you for your visit, muchas gracias. i am actually also kind of a latina living abroad as i was born in chile and raised in brazil (but having a german passport and living in ireland!!!!) great pictures in your blog too and fabulous landscape!

  8. @fashion,art,

    she is growing up! enjoy your weekend at the ball!

  9. thank you Juanita, I was feeling inspired

  10. That looks wonderful. I don't know what it is about your blog, but you do make me jealous. Usually people think I live in a great location and yes, I am happy with my lifestyle, really nothing to be sneezed at, but..... You just capture your life in Croatia so beautifully that I want to move there. Right now!
    Keep enjoying, and keep sharing.


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