Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Reflections

A rosehip tree

The "witch" house
"The beauty of life is everywhere around you. Open your eyes and see it, absorb it, appreciate it, reflect it and become part of it. The choice is always yours."-----Eileen Caddy


  1. It's all around you and you can affect it for good or for bad! Choose good. :-)

  2. Beautiful post!! I am loving the photos.

    xo M

  3. Rosehip jam is a tradition in Serbia. There are many comercial brands and they are just an imitation of the jam. The jam is so hard to make since the tree as I understand (never picked them myself) has lots of thorns. And cooking for hours and hours. Lots of effort goes into the jars! I have flashbacks of Split when I see your pictures, since the last time I saw it I was 11.

  4. @Poetess, yes we must choose the good!

  5. thanks Marcie, still playing around with the 'new editor' version and figuring how to align the photos.

  6. Jelena, they are very thorny, i poked myself several times. My mother-in-law said it makes delicious tea and she showed me how to clean the rosehip and to put them in a room and dry them out so you can have rosehip tea all winter long. I don't know about making jam, although I would guess it's a long process like you said.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and that they bring you happy memories.

  7. definitely so much beauty the quote :)


  8. Such a beautiful post,sweetie
    I love apple picking:)
    Hugs and kisses

  9. It is so true and your photos showed that you did see it and appreciate it. I always enjoy seeing your photos!!


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