Friday, October 29, 2010

Roman ruins near Split, Croatia

A few days ago before we had a wave of cold and rainy days, we took a day trip out to see the ruins in Solin (latin Salona). This view welcomed us, with the city of Split in the background. Salona was once a thriving city with 60,000 inhabitants now only ruins remain of the Emperor Diocletian's native place.
We couldn't see any signs leading to the ruins. Luckily hubby noticed the street named Salona and made a quick left turn. So if you should decide to go, look out for that house on the left and make a turn on what may look like a private alley way. (it will be unpaved)

I wonder how the people living across the ruins feel about having such a vast land of history right in their backyard. Hubby called his Dad and mentioned we were visiting the ruins in Solin and he replied that he had never been there. Also the first visit for hubby. We found a spot along the road and parked our car. We were on our own to discover the ruins, there was no one entrance fee, so we wandered around as if it was our own backyard.

Can you believe this dates back to the 3rd century?

After a couple of hours of running around Beli told hubby that this was the place to take a break, she was tired. It was all in Croatian of course so hubby translated for me, she actually said, "here we tired" but meaning 'here we take a rest." As we walked back to the car I noticed a small house on what looked like a private roadway. I told hubby I was going to investigate. And look what we found? Again, lack of road signs so I wasn't sure if it was ok to look around but then I saw a few other 'tourists' so I figured it wasn't a problem.
A nice place to have a picnic don't you think? and a place to refill your water bottle.
 I believe this was a museum but we didn't have time to go inside. Hubby mentioned that lunch was ready at his parents so we had to leave. We will be coming back another time because it seems there are more ruins to be seen.

   Getting there: it's about 5km from Split or you can hop on the City bus #1 from the city center. You can also  visit this blog Secret Dalmatia,  to read more about the history of Salona. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That is so interesting...So much history there..Your little one is so lovely..and I adore what she said! haha
    Kisses and happy Friday

  2. i was in new orleans a couple of weeks ago and was amazed at how many Croatians i met. it was lovely to be exposed to a different culture.

  3. i love ruins :) the site is very nice! in a way its nice when not many people are there, you have time, take the pics you want... there are still so many places i need to visit in jordan - can't wait to get cracking when we'll be back from the holidays...

  4. Fabulous!! I love it when I can visit somewhere I've never been! You're a very good tour guide...and thanks for the resting spot! ^_^

  5. Beautiful pictures! And what a cute little one! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I.M. did you see the kid in the first photo? I'm still wondering how he climbed that wall!

  7. This is incredible! I love all the history that goes with it - and these look so well preserved, I can't believe they're so old!
    I've said this before, but I love how you and your husband are always doing things with Beli - it's so lovely to see how much fun you all have together :)

  8. There are Roman aqueducts in Solin that are still being used today to provide Split with water!

    Beli is so cute with her Croatian sentences. Sometimes Marko has entire conversations with strangers in Croatian. I feel a little silly when my two-year-old has to translate.


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