Monday, June 7, 2010

An afternoon at the Zoo with Gelato and...

How we spent our Sunday.

There are 4 different animals in the picture below, can you find them?

Afterwards we went home for lunch and an afternoon nap, in the evening we went to downtown for some Gelato. I had chocolate and jagoda (strawberry), Hubby had hazelnut and chocolate and Beli had strawberry. Yum,yum. What's your favorite flavor?
As we were walking around the city, I remembered that it was the last day of the Fashion show, so we decided to stop by and guess what? I was able to attend the event, for free! Although I missed Marko Mitanovski 's collection, apparently Lady Gaga is a fan of his designer gloves , I saw Anemarie O's collection, a young and talented designer.

It was a fun evening, a great weekend in fact.


  1. so fun!! Glad you had a great time at the zoo!

  2. Love these pics!

  3. love going to the zoo! and eating ice cream :) my favourite flavour is Pistachio or Coco or Strawberry or ... haha no Pistachio! If you ever go to London have an ice cream in the food hall at Selfridges. its yummy! You seem to have had a lovely week end!

  4. Jodi, I only posted the 'good' pics of the zoo,there are talks of what to do with the bears, (it's a sad situation, their space is quite limited)maybe expansion, maybe having them transferred.


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