Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scenic pictures of Marjan Hill and a Fashion Show

Friday was a beautiful sunny day and I enjoyed the morning with two of my friends walking around Marjan Hill. I think we walked at least 10 kilometers if not more. Marjan (pronounced "maryan"), a dormant volcano on the peninsula of Split , offers beautiful views of the city and surrounding islands. Let's see what my backpack saw. Oh dear, now I sound like Dora !!!

A few more kilometers ahead and you can see the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries.

Park Bene.

Afterwards we sat and enjoyed our refreshments, fresh squeezed lemonade and watched a few models prepare for the Europe Future Fashion show. Takes place this weekend if you're interested in attending, you still one more day left! For more details you can click here .

Photos from the collection of designer Marta Buzolic. What's happening on your side of the globe?


  1. wow – it is so gorgeous there! You lead a charmed life! :)

    My neck of the woods.... celebrated a friend's birthday in NYC last night. It's been soooo hot here – like almost 90 degrees. But we had a great time. Today = yardwork with my brother.

  2. some really nice pictures! that area is beautiful! Everything is soo green :) here I have to go north of Amman to see that the rest is hmmm very rocky and lots of desert! I miss the sea... a couple of months and I'll get to sea it!

  3. Jodi, how fun I miss New York and I love yardwork. 'if only I had my own yard'.
    It was hot here as well, thinking Monday we are hitting the beach.

  4. I saw your pictures of the spa and it was beautiful, keep cool and happy to hear you will see the sea soon.

  5. AnonymousJune 08, 2010

    Hi Elisa, nice pictures of my home town! Hope you enjoy it! Although an expat for many years, I still come back every summer for holidays (Kate)

  6. Hi Kate! Marjan Hill is one of my favorite places to be.Glad you have the opportunity to travel back 'home'. Where do you live as an expat?

  7. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    Dubai. It's very hot now, the sea is too warm, holidays time! Your daughter's "language" makes me smile, all expat children speak their "own" mixture of languages, which sometimes sounds a mess but it's amazing that once they grow up(school age), they can perfectly differentiate between the languages and jump from one to another without problems! K

  8. really dubai! You are the second expatI know (via the web) that lives there.this is her blog if you want to stop by and visit as well.


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