Monday, June 28, 2010

The squirrel ate the cookies

Would you purchase these cookies if you saw them on the shelf? Well I did, I mean chocolate and chili, just what a Mexican gal eats. Alright, I won't lie, I thought it was a strange combination so of course I had to purchase them and have a tasting event ,and guess who ate them all? The squirrel or Me?
After the first bite, I didn't taste the chili, so I ate the second cookie, the chocolate melted in my mouth so I had to eat a third one, just to make sure. After eating all 12 cookies I will be honest, they were ordinary triple chocolate chip cookies, very similar to Chips Ahoy. So would I buy them again? They were a bit too crunchy for my taste, I prefer eating soft chewy cookies. Plus for the price of 19.99 kunas ($4 dollars) you can buy several pieces of the local baked pastries. Sorry El Tequito but these cookies need a heavier dose of chilies to be called Chili Cookies. What strange foods have you come across when you go grocery shopping?

(Disclosure Note: A few years ago when we lived in Colorado I followed a recipe for double-chocolate chip cookies and I over baked them! So I placed them outside the balcony to rid the house of the burnt smell, well I didn't count on my small neighbor, the squirrel, to enjoy my burnt cookies.)


  1. I like dark chocolate with sea salt. I could live off that. While many may consider it odd (in the US), I wouldn't call it strange.

  2. I love dark chocolate, with sea salt, hmmmm I would consider sampling that!

  3. in france they have soft caramels with sea salt. that is sooo yummi!! Love the squirrel, so cute!

  4. OMG! That was a hilarious post. And you ate 12 cookies? Lord, not you!! Miss you already. Donde esta Beli?

  5. Yup! all 12 cookies, I was by myself so I thought why save the rest, I should just eat them all. Leave no evidence..hehe

    happy birthday Nando!

    Beli is with Grandma.

  6. lol! what a funny first picture! living and learning... or on this case reading and learning... will not fall for el tequito!

  7. really like the squirrel pic, chocalate and salt-that reminds of the Modern Family episode


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