Saturday, June 26, 2010

How one corn kernel went missing

I'm sure you've heard plenty of stories from parents talking about it. You know, about how their children place objects up their nose. Well this weekend, it happened to us while we were visiting Hubby's grandparents in Bribir. I guess you can say it was the chicken's fault.

The incident occurred when Beli was outside feeding the chickens with Great-grandpa. Afterwards she walked inside with several pieces of corn kernels in her hand. I guess this should have been my first clue that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let her hold the kernels. She started throwing some on the floor and then she sat to watch the world cup.

After a few minutes she runs to me asking, "donde esta kukurus?" I replied, "where is the corn kernel? you threw it on the floor." She repeated her question then she started whimpering. Hubby came over to see what was the matter, he was questioning her in Croatian, and I followed in Spanish.

Beli: "mami, donde esta kukurus?"

Hubby: "Beli did you put it in your mouth?"

Me: "Esta en la boca as I pointed to my mouth, oido (ear)... nariz (nose)?"

Beli repeated each body part as I continued with my inquisition, then I asked about the nose, her reply was different, she answered, "No, nariz!" BINGO... The kernel was up her nose.

We thought what were the chances we would find a doctor, much less a clinic open in the small town of Skradin. We got ready anyways to drive into town but Great-grandma was in a state of nerves mumbling, " how could this be possible." She then turned to me and pointed to her stomach and said, "It hurts." We remained calm and reassured her that it was fine. These things happen and toddlers do this sort of thing all the time. Then I remembered that I had a pair of tweezers in my purse and hubby had a flashlight in his car glove compartment. Hubby said he could see the kernel with the light, we felt comfortable enough to remove it. After we pulled the kernel out we showed it to Beli and she grabbed it and threw it as far as possible. "Think she learned her lesson?" I hope so.

We decided not to tell Hubby's parents, why worry them over this. I will remind you that she is the only granddaughter so I wasn't sure how my Mother-in-law would react. By the end of the day when we were driving home Beli was asking grandma, "donde esta kukurus?" and she answered herself by pointing and saying " nose!" Since grandma was unaware of the episode she scolded Beli, "the corn is for the chickens and you don't put in your nose, nor in your mouth." Hubby and I only looked at each other but said nothing.

The next day my Mother-in-law called to say she had heard about the episode and asked, "is that why Beli kept telling me about her nose and the corn kernel?" Hubby turned to me and said "how did she find out, did you blog about this?" I replied, "of course not." But I do wonder, "how did she found out," she doesn't even know I have a blog. Maybe it was Great-grandma? Any guesses as to why kids do this sort of thing? Placing objects in their nose. I asked both of my sisters and they both replied, "my boys never did that!"


  1. Good that you could get it out so easily! I have the impression she is quite proud about it though, telling her grandma! but hopefully she has learned the lesson :) I guess it's just exploration, that's why kids do stuff... Bibs tried to chew on one of these lids from a water bottle yesterday. just got it in the mouth and then was looking at me - a split second...

  2. What a story:)...She seems so proud of herself to tell it all to grandma:) I adore the photos:) Kisses sweetie and have a wonderful Monday:)

  3. OMG! I can't believe that you guys actually got it out with tweezers! it has never happened over here and I do hope it remains like this ;)

  4. haha! My best friend has a story almost exactly like this from her little girl! i can't remember what it was she stuck up her nose...a raisin maybe? but she gave herself away by asking where it was as well. too funny! glad you were able to remove it yourself! ;)

  5. My daughter did this a couple of weeks ago! It was a seed of some sort, a bit smaller than a kernel of corn. I was impressed at how calm and still she was as I worked on getting it out (also used tweezers, was pretty proud of myself...). These crazy little girls. :)

  6. Melissa I am surprised that your little one was so calm, Beli was all kicking and screaming. Yeah I told hubby that we had performed our first minor surgical proceduce and it was a success, tweezers count right? as a surgical tool.

  7. Babs, I agree I think it's about exploration, My guess is that Beli was probably trying to 'smell' the kernel as she SMells everything.

  8. Thais, Hubby held the tweezers and I had the arms and head. It was scary for a bit. Hopefully and I cross my fingers it doesn't happen again.


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