Monday, June 21, 2010

She is bored and wants gelato

Several days on the road took a toll on Beli, so she got creative. She emptied her small back-pack and used it as a hat.
We made we a quick detour to have some gelato and for us yummy cake.

We then took a walk along the sea before continuing on our trip.

"Daddy, idemo na Pag", she said this phrase all week long, let's go to Pag (referring to the island).

Back on the road!


  1. Hi Elisa
    Thanks so much for stopping by my way... I can't wait to look around at all your wonderful photos.. Travel is my favourite subject and with the sea!! and I see Italy also!! all my favourite things..

    I'm a bit slow at blogging at present but will put up a Greek Islands post soon... Thanks again!! and have a wonderful day!! xx Julie

  2. Julie! thanks for stopping by. No worries, I know how it is, moving into a new home, unpacking. I'm looking forward to your post of Greece.

  3. awe, she's so cute! looks like you guys are having so much fun! that mass of balloons is incredible!


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