Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day for Pampering

Thursdays are spent with friends from school. We call it our Day for Women. It's when we leave our kids at home and we gather for a morning of fun. The idea started a few weeks ago as the result of our desire to continue practicing our Croatian language as well as getting to know each other better.
Since today was a very warm day, or so the forecast advised, we first walked a bit around Marjan Hill then took a detour to the beach. I love,love the clear blue sea. Afterwards we walked to N's home and we prepared a quick lunch. I peeked around her backyard. Look at these fruit trees! Oranges won't be ready until this fall.

But lemons will be ready soon.

And look at these peaches! Maybe we can make peach cobbler? Or remember the French-Croatian lemon cake I made a few months ago? Maybe prepare it with peaches instead, what do you think, any ideas?

We didn't make specific plans for next Thursday, maybe a movie? I heard Sex and the City Part II is coming soon to a theater near us.

How do you pamper yourself?


  1. "How do you pamper yourself?"

    That is a very good question.

    And the lack of an available answer means things are going to have to change.

  2. I love fruit trees:) and the peaches look yummy! I love tartes and I am sure that these peaches caramelised must be gorgeous lol! ashame that I don't eat that kind of thing at the moment... I was looking forward to hubby's only day off tomorrow (also because I wanted to go and get a pedicure) and now he is working because of that "!£%^"% world cup - well nothing I can do about it. Oups sorry wrote a bit much there!

  3. Hi Elisa :) This is a beautiful blog! I love to learn about Croatia, this is a country which I'd very much like to visit. Oh well... Soon!

  4. I adore the fruit trees...I adore the photos...I usually go for a facial or have a relaxing bath with a glass of wine:)
    Kisses darling and have a great day:)

  5. Sarah, sorry to hear about the stressful week you are having. Maybe Germany is the answer?

  6. oh Babs, I'm guessing the next several days will be busy for your hubby hu?

  7. Hi Olga! Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I didn't know you are a friend of Juanita. By the way, Paris sounds likes a fun city to pamper yourself. Loved the pictures!

  8. Diana thank you. Glass of wine and a bubble bath sounds very relaxing and a good book?


Thank you for your comments!

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