Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solaris Hotel and Resort: the Pirate City

We were driving to the town of Sibenik for the International Children's Festival but we took a detour to visit the Solaris Hotel & Resort for some ice-cream. Beli was frustrated from all of our driving. I couldn't blame her, sitting constrained is not a fun thing for a 2 year old plus we all needed to stretch our legs.

I was surprised to learn that you are allowed to visit the premises even if you aren't a guest. I guess the coastline, beachfront belongs to the government and the hotel can't prohibit you from entering or charging you a fee?

Is this the case in resorts in other countries? I have never visited one before, until now. So off we went for some exploring of the property.

This is called the DalmatianVillage, an authentic dalmatian restaurant.

We couldn't resist the wonderful aroma so we purchased some warm bread right out of the oven.

Beli was happy to take a photo.

Do you know what this plant is called? Interesting flowers.

This place had it all. Children's facilities, sports, a fabulous restaurant, and entertainment. Beli was ready to jump in the kiddie pool. I guess that means we will have to come back another time, as guests!

What do you think makes a successful resort? Location? Activities? Entertainment? Food?


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  2. What a great blog post! And your photos are amazing! It's as if I were there!! You rock!

  3. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    Very nice post! As locals, we usually regard Solaris as low class, low cost mass resort but there are some lovely ideas there!

  4. Sounds like dream...I adore the pirate city and the pool is amazing:) Enjoy sweetie and see you soon:)

  5. depends on the country, whether you are allowed in or not... what makes a successful resort? i think it depends a lot on what things you like. For me: small, quiet, fab food, warm pool, clear sea and soft music in the bar... and now of course the best of the best baby/toddler/kids club! others would die of bore lol! Really like the picture of Beli by the watermill. What a lively day out

  6. Alan, my father-in-law said the same thing! Which means we can afford it should we decide to go for a family vacation. By the way my next post is about Sibenik, I couldn't find the dog and cat spot for drinking water.

  7. Diana it was a fun 'city' to visit.

  8. Amazing images! I wish I were there!


  9. i want to go there now!!! :)


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