Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Bougainvillea at the Le Monde Cafe

After our leisure walk around the city, we found a lovely restaurant in the Varoš neighborhood.
It was the bougainvillea draped around its entrance that drew us in.

We ordered pasta followed by chocolate crepes.

The waiter was very nice and even interacted with Beli and sang along with her as she hummed, "Medo brundo, ne pona aj se ludo...."(something , something in Croatian)

I will definitely return again. I can picture myself sitting here having a cup of coffee and a slice of their homemade cake.

There is also a loft designated for meetings or birthday celebrations. I will have to bring my classmates from my Croatian class to have a lovely dinner together.

Their website couldn't say it better, "You'll find a special and unforgettable authentic Mediterranean atmosphere in the center of Split."

Plinarska 6
tel. (385-21) 32 22 65
Open 12:00 - 23:00


  1. It looks very inviting. It's nice to find little special places. Especially little special places you can EAT good food at!! ^_^

  2. It's gorgeous! I especially love all of the bougainvillea. Makes it look magical :)

  3. hi Elisa, glad you do the walks for me, so next time I go to Split, I just have to follow.
    being a gourmand (and fairly good hobby cook) this looks interesting.

    only those pancakes !!!!
    when will somebody start a small restaurant that serves pancakes with a wide variety of fillings ?
    ever tried it with apple, cheese, cherries, apricot, pancetta (not you), or a splash of grand marnier and some icecream to it.
    baked of course in true butter.
    for kids, their parents and even for types like me an escape from marmelade or chocolatesause (mostly from a bloody bottle.

    idea ? start a palecinkeria !!!
    (not me, I am a pensionar living in Svinisce).

  4. That place looks so magical...Totally would love to have a meal there:)
    Hope you are having a great Tuesday

  5. I love the little pieces of heaven you find in big cities!
    Pim, well there is an explanation, palačinkarnica would not go well here because all women in the ex Yugoslav countries know how to make them. We had them as children all the time and we are making them at home. No reason to go to a special place. Crepes are just a normal thing here. But you can find places when you stroll in Belgrade bz the Danube that make them out in the open on the open stove, and they are huge...mostly for children

  6. I'm jealous not only of that quaint restaurant's atmosphere, but also of those chocolate crepes. Yum!

  7. @ALternative Wife.
    I love the purple color of the flowers and you should see how tall the vines can grow!

  8. Ha, Pim,
    Hubby is always saying when we take strolls around the city, "oh there should be a crepes stand right here,..on riva",(I think it's more popular with the tourists than locals?) because like Jelena said, you can have them at home.
    BUt you are right,when we ordered the crepes at the restaurant I would have appreciated Nutella one, instead we got chocolate syrup!


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