Friday, September 10, 2010

On windy days

Earlier this week we woke up to the sound of roaring waves. The previous day had rained and now it looked like it would be another cold and breezy day. I walked to the balcony ( to determine if I needed to wear short or long sleeves, it was cold, so long sleeves it was) and then I saw in the distance what looked like a kite.

I bundled Beli up and we went to see up close what was flying in the distance. But on our way we saw a large group of seagulls.

The seagulls were unaware that a toddler was soon approaching and would disturb their peaceful rest.
Beli ran after them and off they went, flying away.I picked her up and took a self-portrait picture. I didn't realize that Beli was looking up at the seagulls. (I just love her excitement!)

We continued walking until we were close to the shore and saw a couple of guys kite surfing.

It looked so easy but I'm sure it takes lots of practice to do this jump. Now, I don't know if I would try this, I would probably fall flat on my face! We then headed home to tell hubby all about our adventures with the seagulls and the kites.


  1. she's so cute! i love how excited she is too.

  2. She's going to love it one day, when she's older, to sit down and look at how you were there with your camera to chronicle her life. And how great that she'll see herself with sheer "glee" on her face! :-) I wish I had pictures like that of my childhood. Most people probably do!!

  3. Debbie,
    Yes I have tons of pictures! In fact I just ordered over a 100 and sent them overseas to my Mom!! (I tend to get a bit obsessive about photo-taking,but what Mother doesn't right? LOL)
    Grandma loves to see photos of our life here and in a way helps her to 'feel' connected.

  4. Those are such a sweet photos and she is so cute:)....Wish you a relaxing and lovely weekend,sweetie

  5. What a princess you have and what beautiful memories she is going to have one day! Yesterday when my dad came by I showed him your pictures of Bachvice beach, where we lived form 1974 to 1978 in a house right on the beach. There were two photos where he could identify the stairs going up and one for coming down to the house and show me in color ( my pictures from 1975 are in black and white) what the beach where I played looks like. So glad you took those.

  6. What a delight! The secret is too keep that sense of wonder and awe through our lives-and oh yes JOY!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonder-filled daily adventures!

  7. Diana have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to hear about your weekend birthday celebration!

  8. Jelena,
    I'm so happy your Dad enjoyed the pictures and that's so cool he was able to recognize the places. Now you can have both versions, the black and white and now in color!

  9. Mary Anne, you are absolutely right, we have to always have a sense of wonder to enjoy what ever life has in store for us!
    thanks for visiting and hope to see you around again!


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