Monday, September 13, 2010

Enchanting doors and cobblestone streets

We spent another beautiful afternoon strolling through the streets of Varos, the neighborhood located outside the walls of the Diocletian Palace. I love photographing these traditional homes especially the windows adorned with flowers. I joked with hubby that this winter I wouldn't mind trading our apt by the beach to live here. He didn't find it that amusing.
I was amazed that vehicles were able to maneuver through these narrow streets but I was also a bit annoyed because every few minutes we had to seek shelter and make way for motorcycles and cars trying to squeeze by. Ok, never mind wanting to live here. I guess it would be a bit noisy don't you think?

After walking up these steps (next time I will have to count them) you reach a nice cafe with a rewarding view of the city and its waterfront promenade, better known as Riva.

And these stairs lead down to Riva. It was the first time going this route. It's always fun to discover new things/places in your hometown isn't it? Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Do share the details!


  1. I agree...Its always so fun to discover new places in the city...Those are such a pretty little streets:)....Glad you had a lovely weekend,sweetie
    Have a relaxing evening:)

  2. What beautiful photos. That view over the city was fabulous!...My weekend consisted of watching tennis...waiting for tennis...and watching reruns of tennis! *Tennis* At this time of the year I have a one track mind. Can you tell?! ^_^

  3. these images are breathtaking! I'm been out of the bloglet loop – Need to peruse around a bit & see what I've been missing :) Hope all is well with you.

  4. you're totally right, it is magnificant, to walk to narrow streets and see old doors, windows and long gone colours.

    remember to go back to that fantastic terrace when the Mrduje Regata is organised !!!
    about 500 yachts start down there, and it's a great thing to see.
    (I sailed it two times and it's fantastic)

    no plans for the weekend yet, but soon I'll contact you to join us on another marvelous location, called Svinisce, the hidden treasure.

    bog, pim.

  5. thanks Diana, and I'm loving your Vintage Heaven post!

  6. Ha Debbie, yes I remember you mentioned that you wake up very early to run errands so you can stay tuned for tennis!

  7. Hey Jodi! glad you are back from your adventures around the world. I can't wait to read about Borneo and see all those lovely photos!

  8. Pim, Yes I will have to check that place out!
    I'm looking forward to our gathering and having yummy food and lots to talk about, and you know I will be taking endless photos!

  9. Thank You for your sweet comment! Your hometown is gorgous! Boy, what I wouldn't give to take my camera to those streets. Your little family is so beautiful ... and that picture of your and your little girl on the beach ... to die for! :)

  10. beautiful landscape pics ;)
    simple beauty!

    best regards!:)

  11. Sydney,
    thanks for stopping by and your sweet words. You are always welcome to bring your camera along!

  12. beautiful shots!
    so colorful and moving! i wish i were there for one moment:)
    just walk down the street, drink some coffe and go down the stairs in the park on the last pic...simple beauty:)

  13. Thank you so much for these pictures!! I was in these narrow streets too, when I visited Split and I loved the original atmosphere there! And thanks to the suggestion of a very kind croatian we met in the marina we also found the way up to Marjan hill and had a cola with this fantastic view over the city! Finally I have to mention the Sustipan Park above the marina which I really adored!

    Thanks for being there again!

  14. Tania, yeah the stairs leading up to the Marjan Hill are a hidden gem. I'm glad you climbed the steps for the amazing view. I also have pictures of Sustipan which I will post later.

    Glad you enjoyed revisiting with me.


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