Friday, September 17, 2010

I Love...

I love how kids can't fake joy, sadness or anger, their emotions are real and vibrant.

I love how Beli is absolutely delighted to hug and kiss.
And I love that I can't help but smile when I take walks along the beach, it's difficult to foster a bad mood in her presence.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are preparing our home to welcome our friends who are visiting from Denver, Colorado this upcoming week. What are your plans?


  1. Ohhh kids are wonderful that way:) She is so adorable:) Have fun with your friends...I love Denver...I lived in Wyoming for a few months before and we drove to Denver for shopping:)

  2. kids are fabulous! they really make our day don't they??? Enjoy your time with your friends! No week end plans here... Bobs had an entire half day as week-end today! ohh joy... can't wait for the holidays to come

  3. I love....your photos of the beach and of Beli!!...Have a good visit with your friends! I plan to work on a custom scarf this weekend. A re-do. This time instead of stripes of "Celery and Moss", it'll be "Moss and Pistachio"!! It's gonna be a 'GREEN' weekend! ^_^

  4. aww...what gorgeous photos. kids really are incredible, i wish we could all be a little more like them. have a wonderful weekend...enjoy your friends!

  5. How nice you live so close to the gorgeous water and beach!! We miss living near the ocean. It's so true that kids don't fake joy, sadness or anger. Beli's smile and her joyous expression is reflection of you, so you're probably showing a good example! We don't really have any plans, but my hubby and I are going to play tennis! (I'm not good.) Kaho

  6. allways beautifull to read your fine smalltalk.
    not being a parent, it's great to see how a young kid is growing up, spreading joy.

    plans for the weekend ?
    first shower my dirt away, after making a concrete canal for the rains to come (and dirty you get than).
    second, prepare some nice grilled food tonight, just for the two of us, in our gardenhouse, and that's the end of the saturday I guess, after a drink or two.
    and tomorrow, well, sundays here are without working, so two options are open.
    take a quiet walk in Kucice, overlooking the Cetina Canyon, or (my favourite) take a twenty minutes drive to Biokovo Mountains, and have a hike there.
    or, as many times, a total change of plans, and being lazy with a book.
    whatever the outcome, it'll be a great weekend, since this is Croatia !!!!
    have a great weekend too.

    ps. gonna mail you soon with an invitation, you'll see.

  7. I love your devotion to your little princes and your family!

  8. Diana, have a wonderful weekend with your friend visiting from Tokyo.

  9. Babs, yes they are so intelligent! and fun to be around.

  10. Debbie, pistacchio hu? I read about the re-do. that's very nice of you, shows you have pride in your job. have a green weekend!

  11. A.g. I wish I had her innocence. sometimes it's easier to just say what's on your mind than trying to analyze everything right?

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip to Spain and seeing some photos.

  12. Kaho, thank you for your kind words. I'm trying by best to be a good parent.

    I'm not very coordinated nor talented to play tennis.LOL

    Ps. I'm loving your styling/fashion posts!

  13. You just might have solved my problem of what to get my history loving husband for his b day. I am ashamed to say that I have never heard of this book and I have found it in bookstores on line here in Belgrade. Shame on me! Great reading!

  14. Hola!


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