Sunday, June 12, 2011

busy little bee

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First week of preschool.
Beli not so happy to go to 'school' after the second day. 
New routines, new ideas. 
I completed my first week of training on the job. 
Embracing every single moment of my free time to be with hubby and Beli.
Saturday morning arrived and Beli announced she didn't want to go to school.
We tried to explain that it's the weekend and it's a stay at home day, not sure she understood,
because when we told her we were going to the playground she insisted on staying home!
After some convincing we left the house to go to another 'fun' place (the park).
We don't want to give her the idea that school is not fun.
She dressed herself and off we went!
How is your weekend so far?


  1. What a gorgeous Park!! And even more gorgeous?...Beli in a dress that she apparently picked out herself!! :-) Apparently the non-dress stage has will the dislike of 'school'. :-) Hang in there mommy!

  2. OMG, she's so adorable! Great pictures - the first and the ones with the purple flowers are my faves :-)

    School can be an acquired taste - glad she is doing ok!

  3. Great pictures and it looks like all of you had an enjoyable day. I am sure Beli will charm all the teachers and her classmates and will be a star student

  4. She is so adorable and I bet in a few weeks she will love the school and will be very happy to go there each morning. Glad you had a lovely weekend and have a great day at work, sweetie

  5. Elisa, I'm so happy for you and your new job, but I only can imagine how you miss your family!
    Pictures are so beautiful, excpecially the flowers and the third picture of Beli :)
    I hope she will love school in the future! In Croatia, every sigle child cries after his/hers first week :)

  6. The first week of "school" may seem the hardest, but actually the second week may be worse! I hope after her two days off she didn't assume that the week before had been a one-time deal (like my daughter did... she went to school 5 days, had the 2 days off and assumed the rest of the days would be off as well) LOL!! Great pictures btw.

  7. such cute photos- what a lovely park- and the photo of the bee is perfect.

  8. oh, poor thing! I'm sure that's a rough transition for her. :(
    Cannot believe how big she's getting!

  9. She sounds adorable! And she looks like she had a great day off of school/the weekend.

  10. Come and get your award too, by the way! :-)

  11. these are such great pictures :) adorable.


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