Friday, June 3, 2011

A visit to the kid's doctor

Yesterday, I took Beli to her pediatrician for her annual checkup. According to my records she didn't need any vaccines, but what do I know? I have been out of the country for two years. In Croatia, after seeing three different pediatricians they all said NO to my request for the flu shot for Beli. It's considered unnecessary until children are older, and I will add that Beli never had to see a physician while we lived overseas...hmmmm, made me wonder which health care system is better.

So there we are, Beli and I at the doctor's office. The nurse orders Beli to step on the weight scale and Beli shouts that she doesn't want to and starts crying. Then we walk to a patients room. Beli is already upset and as her Mami, I know she is not a happy camper, so I try to soothe her and tell her it will be ok. Then the nurse informs me that she will have to do a very small blood test to check for anemia. Oh boy!

Later, much later, the physician comes in and finishes the exam and a nurse comes in with two needles. By now she is distracted drawing, then the nurse preps her arm, one injection then the second one. Someone, please get me a box of tissues~ I can hardly contain myself. I want to cry along with Beli. But I don't. For her sake. The nurse tells me she is finished, exits the room and leaves Beli and I to comfort each other. I whisper in her ear that I know it hurts and it will get better, but all she wants is Daddy. She wants to show Daddy her 'owies'.

We arrive home and she runs to Daddy as she screams "look Daddy, I have two owies."

 I tell hubby "I also need a hug,"  as I proceed to tell him about our morning at the doctor's office. I  show him the pain in my heart. How frustrating it was. What may be a daily routine for nurses (giving shots, drawing blood),  turned out to be a painful experience for my 3-year old.

And then hours later, she is dancing around the house, happy as can be!


  1. :( poor beli, and poor mami!

  2. Your daughter is so sweet. I would cry whenever my brother had to have injections at the Doctor's too. I can't imagine your pain!

    <3 Belly B

  3. I understand hers and your pain,being and doctor myself,but usually in our country the mother is taken out of the room when these tests are being done and I think that is the best way. Parents hurt more then the children. I remember well my visit to the doctor in the States. They thought we all had TBC since our skin test turned out positive, lots of hasle for a month,they almost started our whole family on therapy, and then one doctor who was stationed in Germany remembered that the test is always false positive when a person receives a BCG vaccine against TBC(that is a standard here). So I am still hesitant to say which system is better.

  4. ps I am talking about the best hospital in the States, Walter Reed where your president has yearly check made a mistake

  5. Awwww! I guess you had an owie that needed some attention too! Oh well, all's well that ends well!...Until next time! Better take some 'courage lessons' during this in between time, so you'll be ready! ^_^

  6. Jen, she just kept reminding us not to touch her arm, at one point she said, I can't walk because I have an owie and I told her the owie was on her arm, her reply, "oh! ok, I can walk then."

  7. Belly, even as an adult, I'm still not fond of injections.

  8. Jelena, it must have been a very frustrating experience for your parents and you. wow, can you imagine if that doctor from Germany had not been there? Not good, not good.

  9. Poetess, yes, it's all good now. We have a few months before we have to go back for another series of vaccines! I will be sending hubby though, and I will wait in the waiting area during the procedure.

  10. Poor sweetheart!
    Hi Elisa, congratulations on getting your new job!


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