Friday, June 10, 2011

I love this phone!
I thought it was just for decoration when I was saw it at my Aunt's house. She told me that it's her actual house phone and she still uses it from time to time.
Do you have a house line or solely rely on your cell phone for your phone calls?


  1. It's a beautiful phone! A friend of our family had one of those!! I don't know if she still has it, but yeah! It worked! I used it!! :-)...By the way, 'land line' and cells. Gotta stay connected! LOL

  2. Ah, I adore antique/vintage telephones. I have one in Red at my house. Warmly hope you are well xx

  3. ha ha ha, a house line, HELL NO.
    after I ended my slavery (career) I dropped my necktie, watch, cellphone,and blackberry, and shouted out "mail me" or just hop in.
    so anything that forces me to do something when I don't feel like it, is history, and I LOVE IT.
    just kidding, but the answer is no thanks, ne hvala, nein danke, non merci.

  4. Aww..what a gem! Love phones like this one and yes, we have a land line as well:) Happy Monday

  5. We're cell phones only. I wonder if that will change when we have kids though. Seems safer to have a land line.

  6. Cell phones only, but I remember that as a pre-teen the one thing I really, really wanted was my own phone in my room. Not my own number, just my own phone that was connected to the same landline as the rest of the house. haha!


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