Saturday, June 18, 2011

a keeper of books

I still can't bear to get rid of my college books. 
I think part of me keeps them to remind myself of how far I've come. Is this silly of me?

Other books I've read on my free time and they can be found all over our apartment! Have you read any of them?

I really need to make a commitment to begin my Croatian lessons once again.  The books are collecting dust! I  only have four to five months before my Mother-in-law (hopefully) visits us and I don't want to rely on hubby as our translator. I just need more hours in my day! I had forgotten how exhausting (retail work) can be, so on my actual free time, I just want to sit and not think!  And speaking of work, I'm grateful for my job, but I can't stop complaining about it. My friend's advice, "Welcome to America!"
I'm working tomorrow through next weekend, but hopefully I can squeeze some time to tell you about a meetup I attended with Beli and meeting one of the co-founders of
stay tuned..

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Not silly at all! I'm the same way!

    Years ago, I asked my mom for Vivir Para Contarla for Christmas thinking it would help me improve my Spanish to read it in the original language, but I have not cracked that baby open. It's so daunting!

  2. :-)) I think I have as many, if not more, books as you do! But, interestingly, I don't recognize any of the ones you have...NOT ONE! :-) I guess we read in different circles...But we do have something in common...I save all of mine too! *Teehee* ...Have a good weekend...pretend you're not working, but you're in the South of France cooking for premiere chefs. ^_^

  3. love your pistures, you have also books on croatian?!!

  4. I love your library. I have some of your books on my shelves - Angelou, Sue Monk Kidd, Isabel Allende and Gabriel Gargia Marquez and many others. My mother once told me her her books arrive on legs, then the legs wither so they can travel no more and must remain on the shelf or in the house and because they are now invalid, must be treated respectfully.

    Wishing you success in studies and work
    Helen xx

  5. Ha! I still have books from highschool, and that was back before you were born! I got an iPad for Christmas and no longer buy hard copy books. I've found that reading them on the iPad is actually very convenient. I have quite a library on there and so far I haven't paid for any (I've only downloaded the classics so far). Our "stuff" can really weigh us down.

  6. oh gosh, books are my favorite things. i have crates of them that we left in the US and we've already amassed a bunch here. i promise the kindle can't replace them! I don't have one yet!

  7. Do'nt keep those college books to remember you how far you came !
    You know !!!, and you'll never forget !!!
    Keep one or two special ones, and put the rest of it on Ebay to get someone else as far as you came.
    The other books are a different story, unless you disliked a book, there will be a moment for every good book you want to read it again.
    To keep training your croatian language, click Slobodna Dalmacija once in a while, ask Google to translate it or start digging (and laugh a bit once in a while).
    Better than just sit and study, and it keeps you a bit up to date about Kerum, Gay Pride, Hajduk and the weather here.
    Ali polako, sve polako !

  8. I keep all my textbooks as well - you never know when you might need to reference something!
    My bookshelves are absolutely overflowing with books - I can't get enough of reading, but I think it's a habit that really isn't a negative thing :)

  9. Evo jedan komentar na hrvatskom - vježbe radi! I ja imam puno knjiga i više ne znam kamo s njima. Više ih neću kupovati - sada čitam s Kindle-a -tako sam rješila problem mjesta i oslabjelih oči.
    Želim ti uspjeh u učenju hrvatskog - učite zajedno - ti i tvoja slatka mala curica.
    Laku noć, Dunja


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