Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The lake, a boat and much fun

 This weekend we were invited by some friends to go on a boat ride. Weather was perfect and I didn't have to work. yay! (I'm still adjusting to working 12 hour shifts, because they really become 16 hour days, luckily the following day is a rest day so I can't complain much).

  Beli changed into her bathing suit and she was ready.
 View of the city.
One of our friends' daughters is wake boarding? (I thought this sport was called water boarding, but then again, I don't know much about water sports...)
 She made it look so easy!

Have you ever tried it?  

All I did was sun tan and take photos.


  1. So beautiful and it is always peaceful, restful and nourising being on water

  2. hahaha, umph, iiiii, oeaaa, CARAMBA elisa !
    wakeboarding is a watersport practiced by free people, waterboarding is that other "sport" practiced on some prisoners by some free nation.

    could resist reacting this way whooaaaaaa, pim.

  3. Fun! I've never wake boarded, but I've been skiing since I was about 6. Love it. :)

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