Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A weekend with family in Texas

Beli chasing geese.
now, peacefully walking side by side

After a year of being absent, we have returned to Texas to visit my maternal grandparents. Beli was two years old when we last visited and I'm not sure how much she remembered from that previous trip but I can tell you she bonded right away with her Great grandparents. Although I referred to her as Abuelita, Beli preferred to call her Granma.

Two days was not enough time to visit everyone, but we did see all of my Mom's five brothers and one sister, and many first and second cousins. It was a very memorable weekend.
Beli with her second cousin. He is only a few weeks old.
Only my Mom is missing to complete this 4 generations photo.


  1. I love to visit family.
    Nice change of pace with the black and white photos. I like.

  2. thank you. I feel that B & W photos show more "emotion?"

  3. Grandparents are the touchstone to our past. Beli may not remember anything...but the love. :-) But that she will remember 'well'!

  4. i love the picture with grandma and beli with sunglasses on. priceless!

  5. what great photos- looks like everyone had fun.

  6. Awww, Texas!! Love the photos. You're so lucky to be able to take 4 generation photos! Actually on my husband's side, we can still take 4 generation photos, so I'll do that next time we go visit our family in Texas! Beli looks so tall now. Cute little darling!!

  7. fantastic, just that !
    and I think I know that bear !

    life here in svinisce as usual, lot's to do, but all of it with a big smile.
    fantastic, just that, us being here or you lot in the USA.
    keep enjoying, pozdravi od hrvatska, pim.

  8. Poetess, she already assigned nicknames to all her four grandmas. Baki who has chickens, Baki who paints, Granma Maria and Granma who has ducks..LOL

  9. what a special trip!! it sounds like it was good :) and you changed your blog name!

  10. Oh, you have such a large family and you keep in touch. Traveling so far to see them, now that is fantastic. These photos will be cherished by Beli for sure.
    Love her dresses! She is so cute!

  11. What a special family trip. Its always so lovely to visit family and spend time together. I love when we visit my grandma in Poland. She always tells us all those old beautiful stories. Have a fantastic Thursday, darling

  12. that picture of grandma and belli on the swing is way too precious. for sure a sweet memory for your little girl to look back at. it looks like wonderful family time!


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