Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our mini trip to see all sorts of animals and amazing mountain views

"We are going to see giraffes, and.....more giraffes," was Beli's reply when we asked her where we were going. This weekend we drove one hour south of Denver to the zoo in Colorado Springs. We had beautiful weather and breathtaking views (more about the zoo here).

Tucked in the mountains, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a must on your list of~ things to do in Colorado. We were going specifically to hand feed the giraffes and we weren't disappointed. It was a very unique experience. Beli initially fed them crackers but then she wanted to keep her distance.

 We spent about 5 hours walking and taking in the beautiful views. Beli was a real trooper. She walked and walked and never once complained. 
We missed going to the top of the mountain, do you see the tower? We weren't sure what it was until the end of our zoo tour when we asked one of the girls at the gift shop and she told us it's the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun. The road up there is suppose to offer spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain range. I'm sure we'll be returning later in the summer or early fall when my sisters visit us with their kids.

Beli feeding the baby giraffe, yet keeping an eye on the other giraffe!

Beli's request to me, "Mami, take a picture." 

She was so happy to see the horses (horzees, as she calls them). I asked her is she wanted to ride a horse and she said yes. I felt so emotional watching her, she looked so grown-up, yet only 3 years old!

First pony ride. she was so brave, not scared at all. 

petting a baby wallaby.

A beautiful day.
First day of work went fine. Lots of forms to fill out, training, etc. Why was I worried? LOL thank you for all your good wishes.  Beli is also adapting well at her new school. Hubby drops her off and picks her up. She is learning new rules (like at lunch time, Hubby said all the kids wait until everyone is served to start eating, but not Beli, she starts eating right away. One of the boys said, "look teacher, she is not waiting." And another kid said, "it's OK, she doesn't know the rules." She is not napping either, rather she patiently and quietly waits for the other kids to wake up from their naps. It's all new for her and for us ,but I think it's also nice for her to socialize with other kids her age, right?


  1. isn't it amazing seeing animals so up close?! it kind of puts you in your place!

  2. that looks like such a cool zoo!! i bet it was so fun for her and she got to ride horses! very cool. i got to pet a cow yesterday, exciting for me, haha!

  3. What a great Zoo!!...And it sounds like you and Beli are adjusting wonderfully to your new surroundings! :-) Happy to hear it...And as to the napping at pre-school, I used to be an assistant pre-school counselor. I remember many 'first' days for new little ones. The napping 'will' come!!! :-) It's just tough learning new routines...for adults too sometimes.

  4. I love your trips that you take on weekends. Americans do that a lot.
    I am glad everything is working out for you and Beli will be just fine. I cried every single day in the prekindergarten on the way there but if she was fine the first day she will be the star of the class. Wait till she starts speaking three languages and impresses the boys!

  5. Holà Elisa,
    i've just been catching with your posts and new life, everything sounds great and looks great...referring to this fantastic barbecue in Texas ! :-) and your little Beli es una adorable princesita !
    Europe must sound far away from you now, non ?
    Have a great week

  6. I love that zoo and those photos made me smile. So pretty! Im really happy that Beli is doing well in her new school and that you had a lovely first day at work. I think its great for her to make new friends:) Kisses, sweetie

  7. Gorgeous pics, Elisa! Love that giraffe!

  8. Looks awesome! And look at all those giraffes!


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