Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Grill

This weekend while in Texas, we had several cookouts with my family.
On one of the days, my aunt prepared a huge meal: grilled meat, corn, a macaroni salad, rice, salsa, pico de gallo, and she even baked a cake! We call it the pineapple cake, but I think it's known by other names. (it's vanilla flavor and toppings include: crushed pineapple, sweet condensed milk mixed with heavy cream, coconut, pecans and cherries!) It was very good. So good in fact, that I didn't have time to take more photos. It literally disappeared from my plate within seconds!

Are you planning to cook on the grill this summer
 I'd love to hear what's on the menu.
Any favorite recipes? 


  1. I'm not a fan of grilling...or shish kebobs. But my husband loves it!!!...But I 'do' love cake! ^_^ And this one almost reminds me of my 'Dump Cake'. Although I use whipped cream instead of icing. It never lasts long either! I think the pineapples and cherries make it disappear! :-))

  2. If in doubt about good things coming from the US, think of grilling !
    Your barbeque tradition is absolutely superior !

    And if the thing works for smoking too, lucky you as grilling/smoking is super!

    Smokers live happy :-)

  3. They look soooo good! The dessert sounds so yummy! How fun you got to grill outside. Food tastes the best when you cook and eat outside.

  4. I also like that you have a different bar now. Cute! You changed the name of your blog, too. Elisa writes! Love it that you have your name in it.

  5. I am officially starving....seriously, all of that looks so good!

    We love grilling chicken or turkey burgers and mushrooms and peppers!

  6. Everything looks so good there especially the cake! I'd like grill more often, but I'm too lazy. I love grilled corn.

  7. all these pictures, wonderful food and great time with family reminds me of brazil... we are also big grill users at my house. so hello june!!
    ps. love the 'elisa writes' new title ;)

  8. Hi Eliza
    I love your blog and those wonderful grill outs.
    I am looking forward to reading your older posts and I have subscribed to your blog.
    My best

  9. Sooo delicious Elisa!! We love grill again, and again, and again (never too much!) :) Nice photos!

  10. Hm, I cam smell it!
    Next week we´re going to the seaside, here in Croatia, and we´ll be grilling - no question about that. Iĺl take photos and write some lines about.


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