Saturday, June 4, 2011

photos taken on the roof balcony of our local library
As much as I would love to sit and soak in the sun, we are off to another mini day trip. 

 p.s.  I start my job on Monday!


  1. I adore those blue lounge chairs. Have a nice weekend. xxxx

  2. Enjoy your trip!....It may be the only completely quiet thinking one for a while, with a new job starting on Monday...By the way, sending good thoughts that you have a good first day. New jobs can be slightly...Ha! Ha!...stressful!

  3. Good luck with the new job! Nice pictures.

  4. hey Elisa, a JOB !!!!!!!
    great !!!!

    however, it will be hard to get uesed to a job, meaning getting up early, missing homelife with Beli all that premiumtime together.
    It's a fact of life, there is a season for everything, and to harvest first you have to work, and hard !
    Still you'll have a lot of time to enjoy Beli, Davor and life as a whole.
    So, enjoy the job, enjoy the new situation and keep enjoying life.
    Lucky you, once more !

  5. what job are you getting???
    and re: the story below, i can still remember getting shots when i was SO young. the nurse told me to close my eyes and imagine where else i wanted to be and i imagined disney world..i can remember that so clearly, haha

  6. @Fashion, blue is my favorite color!

    @Poetess thank you for the good wishes. I won't deny I'm feeling a bit nervous!

  7. That is such a lovely balcony! Have a great day, darling


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