Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Almuerzo para dos~Breakfast for two and sharks with arms

I started cleaning the pantry and found some green peppers that had turned red. I didn't want them to go to waste (some were already moldy) so I washed them, sliced them and sauteed them in olive oil and to give them some flavor I added a few cloves of garlic. I wasn't sure what I was creating. Then I remembered the spinach hubby brought from the farm, so I threw some of that as well. Then I defrosted a few jalapeno peppers (do you know where I 'm going with this recipe?) I still have to idea. I heard my stomach growl, a reminder I had not had anything to eat. So I thought why not , I'm having breakfast for lunch! I added a few eggs and I had my creation. I enjoyed it with a lettuce and tomato salad.

It's healthy, colorful and yummy!

and while I was cooking, Beli was drawing in my one of my books. I began telling her that they were Mommy's books but I decided ok, just once, she could use them. And look what she drew! A baby shark, then Dad then Mom. Apparently sharks have hair and arms!

Yesterday Beli turned 31 months old, and since every 16th we celebrate the day she was born, we headed to the new shopping center. (more photos to follow) We didn't buy her any gifts, (not that she really minds) but we did discover a pet shop and she loved it.

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  1. That looks like a great dish:) Yummy and how adorable is that picture:) awww
    Wish you a great day

    Ps: I’m hosting a Pistacho Press GIVEAWAY later today, so please join in :)

  2. Your cooking and Beli's drawing was like "dinner and a movie" night! :-)) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Diana,
    it was good and very filling!

  4. looks good! btw love the new header pic

  5. thanks, I took the photo when we visited the capital city (zagreb) a few months back.

  6. Now that is the sign of a true cook!! And are those bunnies? Will there be bunnies in her future? :) Everyone has them here, haha!

    And I'm definitely thinking about selling photos - but not sure. Shipping from here costs so much so they'd have to be more expensive than I'd like to list them for. We'll see though!

  7. Your pepper dish looks and sounds so delicious! And your daughter is so cute! I love the photos of her, and also that adorable bunny :)

  8. Yum! Not job not wasting food! I hate it when I waste food, money down the drain. You live in such a beautiful place! Love your header!


    p.s. Be sure to enter my cupcake giveaway when you get the chance :)

  9. Krystal, yes there were bunnies at the pet shop and fish and birds. I don't know about having pets quite yet.LOL

  10. Thanks cor your comment the other day, Elisa. This is a nice sweet post, it makes me a little home sick. Your girl must have loved the rabbits! Greets from India :)

  11. Jude, thank you! and thanks for following!

  12. Rachael, you said cupcake giveaway?!!

    thank you for the compliment about the header!

  13. Olga, I know about being homesick, but I'm sure you will have many fun times during your stay in India. I have seen your photos and they are truly amazing!


Thank you for your comments!

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