Saturday, November 13, 2010

Green and Blue

You might remember that on our first visit to the Roman Ruins in Salona, hubby and I couldn't find any road signs leading to the site. If we had only continued driving up the street and around the corner, we would have seen the signs. It seems we took the gravel road that residents use to access their homes!
 We knocked on the green door of the museum, and a nice lady gave us directions to the amphitheatre, located a few minutes away and while we were there we paid the entrance fee and had the opportunity to see the room dedicated to Don Frane Bulic, the Croatian archaeologist responsible for discovering many significant localities in Salona.

 On the ceiling there is a painting of a shepherd boy holding a lamb and Beli is saying she also has one, "mira borrego."

Isn't this amazing? This is someones backyard. An amphitheatre from the 2nd century.
And this concludes the tour of the Roman ruins in Salona.Hope you enjoyed the visit!


  1. I enjoyed the visit very much...and I learned a little something too! I love when that happens! :-)

  2. enjoy, ENJOY ???????

    I am ashamed and amazed, cause everytime I drive to my mother in law in Kastel Stari, I just look for the speedcam (on the left), and never even took a moment to see what you showed to me and many others.

    thanks honey, you rock !!!!

    ps. must go to Holland, but when returning you (just) deserve(d) a visit to Svinisce for a real nice meal with you and husband.
    (and yes, I will prepare organic/vegetarian for you and some nice meat for the rest).


  3. The views from that ampitheatre are ridiculous!

  4. Beautiful! I love that you guys like to go out and explore!

  5. Interesting place.I hope you will protect these monuments.
    Have a nice day.

  6. I cannot imagine having that in your backyard. That's crazy! Crazy awesome.


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