Monday, November 15, 2010

Scenes from the weekend: cakes, lasagna, vino and more cake

                           Baking, creating new recipes and spending time with friends were all necessary ingredients for a fun filled weekend.

 My friend's daughter celebrating her 3rd birthday party. The kids loved all 3 cakes that my friend baked. Isn't she talented?

 I tried all three of them, but you only see two pictures, that's because I ate the third slice so fast (it was chocolate) then realized it was all gone and I didn't take a photo. It was that good!

At home
I made French lemon cake with only 9 ingredients, you can find my recipe here.

Baked vegetarian lasagna in a skillet

and while the lasagna baked here is a view of the sea (picture taken earlier in the week).

The lasagna turned out delicious.

 I was so surprised that Beli took a nap two days in a row this weekend. The last time she took an afternoon nap was about a month ago! And while she slept I enjoyed watching all the boats out at sea. Fishermen working on Sunday.
How was your weekend? Have you started any Christmas shopping? Don't worry, you still have about a month before you can start panicking like me. I have no idea what to get all my 5 nephews.


  1. Happy birthday to a very special girl and happy birthday to her parents who are doing such a fantastic job raising a little young lady. The Hello Kitty cake is fantastic. Sending all our love and kisses across Serbia to Split for Beli!

  2. Your friend is so talented.She really knows how to make amazing cakes. I bet the kids loved it too:)
    I adore your cooking posts..Yummy... I would love to try that lasagna:)
    Wish you a sunny Monday,sweetie

  3. That could not look like a yummier w/e :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The birthday party looks fabulous - I bet your little girl LOVED it! :)

  5. Jelena, the hello kitty cake my friend baked was amazing! she did an amazing job for her daughter. Beli loved eating 'torta' and I didn't know the theme of the birthday party and when Beli showed up with her hello kitty shirt well let's say she fit right in!LOL

  6. Diana, yes! she would like to open a restaurant/or pastry shop. I told her I would be there every day!

  7. Krystal, the sangria was delicious! and with all the cakes I ate, I seriously have to start exercising!

  8. Looks like I wasn't the only one doing some baking this past weekend! Hubby made a cheesecake, and my friend made us a pumpkin pie...personalized. :-) A good weekend for us always involves something good to eat. And this was a GOOD weekend!

  9. will you share that veggie skillet recipe? i'm a vegetarian, and am always looking for a good lasagna!

  10. I love the Hello Kitty theme and all the cake looks lovely and yummy! Your lasagne looks yummy as well - what a great weekend filled with delicious food and beautiful views!

  11. @Legally Married,

    Beli loved it!

  12. @Poetess,

    yum, cheesecake! Glad you also had a good weekend. and personalized pumpkin pie?! Yum again

  13. Lauren of course! I didn't realize you were vegetarian, I will post it here and then at your blog.

    1 zucchini, (cut in pieces)
    1 eggplant (cut in pieces)
    a bunch of spinach (as much as you would like)
    1 onion (diced)

    Sautee onions in oil, then add zucchini and spinach, cook for about 5 minutes then add eggplant and cook for about 10 minutes. you can add dash of oregano.

    I didn't have ricotta cheese so I used feta cheese. I mixed one egg with crumbled feta cheese then set aside.

    I cooked the noodles according to directions.

    then i start assembling the layers in the skillet: veggies/noodles/cheese then repeat. You can always sprinkle some mozarella cheese on the top. Cover with foil and bake@~300-350F (sorry I only have Celsius on my oven) for 30 minutes then remove foil and bake another 15 minutes. and Enjoy!

  14. The hello Kitty cake is cute :)

  15. your food always looks so yummy!

    I'm feeling okay about Christmas shopping. My mom and I are going out this weekend to see if we can put a big dent in it. That should help!

  16. MKL, thank you I will pass the compliments on to my friend.

  17. Wow, I love this post! Your French cake is my type of cake. I'm going to buy lemons tomorrow so that I can bake it. Thanks for the recipe. Your lasagna looks delicious, too! I saw that you put the recipe in the comment section, so I have to go back to check it out. I love this cute birthday party! Your friend is so thoughtful to make 3 cakes for her daughter's 3rd birthday. She is talented. Love the hello kitty cake! What a sweet mom! I'm ashamed since I am not giving a birthday party to neither of my kids this year. I felt overwhelmed in a new city. I didn't give my first child a birthday party until she turned 4, so I planned on doing that with my second, which means I have no excuse not to give a birthday party next year for my second. Anyways, when I see other moms doing so much for their little kids' birthdays, I feel guilty especially for my first child. We're going away instead. We'll see how it'll go...

  18. Jen, thanks! sounds you will have a busy/fun weekend.

  19. the only thing better than cake & wine is MORE cake & wine. :]

  20. Kaho, you are a great Mom, don't get stressed out about a bday party. Your daughter is still young so I don't think she will mind going on a trip instead. Let me know how the cake turned out.


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