Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And let the baking and holiday shopping begin..

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I was remembering the past few holidays and last year we were fortunate to have spent the day with two very nice couples, both expats living here in Split. And the year before that we were in Iowa. Beli was only 7 months old!

we  went shopping on Friday. My Mom and sister woke up in the middle of the night to get the 'best' deals, not me I was snuggled in and woke up to hear my sister telling me I just had to go and see all the sales. I think if my memory serves me right we decided to drive to the big mall in Des Moines, about an hour away.

Do you have any traditions for the day after Thanksgiving?
I just discovered this website and I'm inspired to decorate for Christmas!
Pictures via Taverne Agency

This year we are celebrating the holiday on the road. A opportunity came up so we are taking a road trip and driving to Montenegro. Now I have to go and pack. See you back on Monday!

For more Holiday posts click over to my friend Susie's blog motherhoot.

Have a wonderful weekend! and I'm thankful for family, our health and friends.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, darling and have a safe trip!
    We are spending Thanksgiving with a group of friends:) Should be fun:)
    Wish you a lovely weekend and see you Monday

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful pillows GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.

  2. Love the top pictures with the turkeys... have a wonderful holiday, enjoy your trip. I will be avoiding the mall on Friday!

  3. have a great holiday!!! i will forever be obnoxious and go "yeah iowa!" whenever you mention it, just so you know :) Loved that big mall in des moines, my gf's and i would road trip there lots :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving :) And careful on the road :)

  5. Happy gobble gobble day!
    Those christmas cookies look yummie, I am so looking forward to making the snowman ones over my winter break =]

  6. Bella looks adorable and chubby =)
    beautiful pics and inspirations for xmas. I would like to go out and buy our tree today but it would be dry by the 25th, so I'll have to wait ;(
    have a wonderful trip!

  7. Happy holidays! I can't blame you for sleeping in instead of hitting the stores - I do the same.

  8. Happy Thanks Giving. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my magazine article. xx

  9. Beautiful photos. I am getting excited for the holidays too ...

  10. Diana, hope your thanksgiving was fun.

    @Ivonne, I don't blame you for avoiding the malls!

    @Krystal, hehe no problem, go Iowa!

  11. @MKL thanks,

    @Ana, I can't wait to make start baking with the family.

    @House 09, Thais, good to hear from you!

  12. @Indie.Tea yes, I now prefer shopping more online Etsy is a fav.

  13. The pictures from Tavern Agency is beautiful!! They did inspire me to decorate like in the photos. I did decorate tonight. I spent a couple of hours unpacking boxes to decorate our house with Christmas decoration. I might have to move things around later though. I miss those sales in the States! I love hitting Target after holidays. :) I like seeing Beli's old photos. So adorable...


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