Friday, November 19, 2010

A new place to shop

 The city of Split has a new shopping center, City Center One. This mall is larger than Park Meadows Mall in Denver, CO! and  it even has a play area for children, something the mall in Denver currently lacks.

 At the pet shop you will find bunnies, gerbils, birds and fish.
 I saw many empty spaces, you notice the white wallpaper? Some of the current stores include: Marella, New Yorker, Orsay, Palmer, S. Oliver, Takko, Tom Tailor, Yamamay, Esprit, Amadeus Jeans, C&A, Conto Bene, Ann Christine, Magma House, Limoni, Muller, DM, Hervis and the list goes on and on!
 And to the left where Beli is running to, there will be a movie theater opening next Spring. 
 A free playroom for kids age 3 -12 years. We were allowed to stay with our daughter because she is under the age limit plus it was not busy, otherwise you can drop your kids here, go do some shopping then return to pick up your kids.

 A TV area, Beli looked so comfortable I was tempted to sit down as well.

As I start planning my trip overseas, I will be doing most of my Christmas shopping here for my nephews. Happy Friday! What are your plans this weekend? Thanksgiving prep? Shopping? Traveling? We're planning another road trip for the upcoming week, still unsure which country we are visiting. Montenegro is a possibility.

City Center One
Vukovarska 207
21000 Split


  1. I love this mall! How nice that the kids area is free and it looks like a wonderful indoor play ground!! Do people drop off their kids and shop? Wow, it's awesome that people can do that in Croatia. I imagine that's how safe it is in the country! I would go shopping at this mall all the time! Too bad we don't live in the same country to be able to go hang out. :)

  2. Very cool! Looks like Beli is enjoying it too.

    To answer your question...I look best in greens and is good too. Pretty much anything but yellow and orange. I'm just too fair skinned for those colors!

  3. Oooo! You can never go wrong with a new Mall to shop in!! :-))

  4. This is why Ikea is my favorite store on the planet, free babysitting. If it was closer to my house I would go there drop my kids off for an hour and go read a book in the bathroom.

  5. Wow, I am so impressed by this mall! I can't believe there's a place where you can drop off your kids - and it looks absolutely amazing :) I can't believe they haven't thought of that over here yet!
    This week I'm going to be baking for Thanksgiving! I'm trying out a new pumpkin recipe that I'm really excited about :) Do you celebrate over in Croatia or are you coming over here for the holidays?
    Enjoy your weekend, Elisa!

  6. This looks like such a fun place to shop, and even better it seems so kid-friendly! :) Montenegro sounds lovely. I'm figuring out Thanksgiving and hoping to relax (I guess I spent some autumns in London and this holiday got neglected in recent years! :)). Have a relaxing weekend!

  7. Kaho, it is a very safe city/country. we don't have a bad neighborhood area. kids ride the city bus as young as 6-7 to get to school. It reminds me when I was growing up in Mexico, (it was the same no more)
    parents are very laid back, (still adjusting to that)hehe.but I think also because there are no lawsuits for petty things.(if your kids fall off the slide, oh well kids are the parents responsibility not the cafes) that sort of thing.
    when we went to the playground we were the only parents with Beli , again because she was under 3, but a little girl started crying and one of the ladies working there, consoled her and distracted her, by the time the Mom came she didn't want to leave.

    I would love if you lived closer!

  8. Jen, Beli loved it.
    My older sister has the same skin tone that you do and she doesn't like wearing yellow either. have fun xmas shopping this weekend.

  9. @Poetess, couldn't agree more.

  10. Damaris, you have Ikea!!I didn't realize they have free babysitting, that's awsome. hehe that's funny but yeah we all need time for ourselves.

  11. Wow, you can drop your kids off?? That is cool!

  12. I was first !!!!
    (however..... I did'nt blog about it.)

    happened to be there at the opening day, and told my mother in law the happy news:..............
    there's a C&A there, a dutch chain with loads of clothing, good looking and fairly priced.
    don't forget where you parked your car (I did).

    greetings from Holland, where our two days drive (1800 kilometers) ended today.
    "kicked out of paradise till somewhere next february/march".

    ask Davor to give you a nice kiss, and vidimose.

    pim i nives

  13. We have more and more big malls here, too. And it's also pretty safe, too. Guess we're not that different as countries, the only thing you have aplenty is the Mediterranean sea :)

  14. Lovely pictures, your Beli looks adorable. Head over to my blog for a little surprise :)

  15. @Lenorenevermore, it is.

    @Krystal, nice for parents and kids!

  16. Pim, I heard there were thousands of people present for the grand opening! so C&A is dutch,hmm didn't know.
    that's a lot of road to cover. glad you made it safe!

  17. MKL, I read somewhere that the capital city of Slovenia is one of the safest cities in SE Europe. Personally the only time I have visited the country was a few years back when we were travelling to Venice and stopped to visit the Postojna Caves.(Amazing caverns)

  18. Well, our cities are pretty safe compared to Western Europe, but even in Ljubljana there are some areas it's better not to go at night :) Postojna caves are amazing indeed :)


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