Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ritmo/Rhythm de la vida

"Every now and again you need to break away and do something entirely different to change the rhythm of your life."

De vez en cuando tienes que hacer algo totalmente diferente para cambiar el ritmo de tu vida.

"Be willing to move forward fearlessly and to pioneer seemingly new ways, new concepts and new ideas."
" Don't be overburdened by all that has to be done. Simply learn to take one step at a time and know that each step leads you one step nearer the goal."~Quotes by Eileen Caddy

On a cloudy day we took a walk along the beach. There was something peaceful and inspirational about the sailboat in the distance. It appeared as if it was fighting against the strong currents of the sea and was succeeding by taking one step at a time. 

Hope you enjoy this documentary about the "the rhythm of life" Can you imagine a world without music?


  1. Such beautiful photos - thank you for this breathing space today! I adore anything having to do with the water, and the quotes are utterly inspiring.

    Oh, music was always important to me, I cannot imagine life without it! (Randomly, I sometimes think of those poor early humans, did they have music? How did they live without it?!)

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and the beautiful music. :-]

  3. Those like that relax me so much..I love watching open water and listen to it:)...What a beautiful post, my dear
    Enjoy your evening

  4. Oh, sail boats just make me so calm. Gorgeous photos!

  5. Very cool shots.

  6. Jude,
    you raise a good point, music is fundamental to our development. Even before Beli was born I exposed her to classical music and now I always have the radio on, or the Tv Music channel. I love to dance around and Beli usually joins in.

  7. @Poetess,
    Glad you enjoyed listening to the documentary!

  8. Beautiful photos. I love walking along a beach. So much to look at and explore.

  9. I love both your words and the gorgeous photographs you took. Looks like you had a lovely day...

  10. P.S. Just popping back in to say I loved your comment on the Krafna in Croatia - it sounds sooo good!

  11. Really lovely quote, thank was just the perfect thing to start the day and the almsot weekend. Lovely photos and post. I shall be checking out the link now! Have a nice Friday!

  12. "Don't be overburdened by all that has to be done. Simply learn to take one step at a time and know that each step leads you one step nearer the goal."

    This is hard to do but thank you for the reminder!
    Looks like you had a wonderful day with your family and this is most important!

  13. @Diana, watching the sea is very relaxing indeed.

    @Dancing Branflake, thanks Tiff!

    @Ninjagaiden thanks!

    @Bella,thank you.

  14. Marissa CorreaSeptember 16, 2013

    When I look at such photos, it makes me want to change my life completely and just pack my stuff and move to a place where it's summer all year round and live in a house by the sea. How amazing it is, to wake up in the morning and see the sea in front of you. And in the evening come back home, grab a bottle of vine, couple of blankets, turn on lounge music like Blood Groove & Kikis and watch how the sun goes down. Amazing pictures, you stunned me with them completely.


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