Sunday, February 21, 2010

A flock of peacocks and the history of shipmaking

Want to be serenaded by a wild flock of peacocks? If so, you can go to the Gripe fortress near the Maritime Museum, where they roam freely. It seems this is the only spot in Split other than the zoo, where they like to gather. And while you are there, do stop and take a look inside the Museum, we did and learned a thing or two about the history of ship making.

For several days the rain has forced us to spent all of our time cocooned indoors but today sunny and dry we visited the Maritime Museum located on the hill of Gripe, only 10 minutes from the Diocletian Palace.

Outside the museum you will find the Bakar, a famous ship standing proud and tall.

All aboard. Hey wait for me!

After our little adventure skipping around puddles of water we went inside the museum for a dose of history. The attendant took our money, 10 kunas ($2 dollars) and a tour guide kept us company which is obligatory as the artifacts can actually be touched. The museum is divided in two parts: we began the tour learning about Croatia's military history and ended the tour with the civil maritime history.

Here is a collection of model ships through the ages, ranging from Venetian galleys to twentieth-century cruise liners. I will admit, I missed much of the explanation as Mommy had to keep an eye on Beli. ( Daddy tried helping but she only wanted MAMA). Hubby later explained about some of the most interesting points the tour guide pointed out like the world's oldest torpedo collection!

A replica while the original is located on the island of Hvar.

I walked away with a new appreciation for the history of ship making. And now, where are those peacocks?

Entrance to the Hrvatski Pomorski Muzey
Glagoljaša 18,Tvrđava Gripe


  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Thank you for the wonderful tour today. I so enjoyed myself and the beautiful countryside too. I love the ships and the little sea monster inside next to sweet daughter is just precious. She appeared to enjoy it too. I would say that it was well worth $2.00 to go and see.

    It looks cold there today. What is the temperature there this time of year?

    Thank you for sharing as always. I so enjoyed my tour. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. What a marvellous tour! I enjoyed those views so much. Never thought Croatia was so beautiful. Many thanks for your eye-opening post.

    Saludos desde Londres.

  3. Hi Cuban,

    For being a small city Split has alot to offer and the country as a whole. Many interesting sights to see.

  4. Sherry, Glad you enjoyed the tour as Isabela also did. She was running all over the museum. We were the only ones there so she was free to roam the place! She took quite an interest in the "dragon". Temperature was about 10Celsius. We thought it was warmer because of the sun, but in the shade we could feel the cold wind. When it's "really" cold is about 5Celsius and warm about 11. I forcefully have to wear my jacket.ha.ha

  5. Thank you for the comment! This is a wonderful blog =)

  6. The tour looks great! I love discovering new sights in my home city. H.C. Andersen was born here so we were able to tour his childhood home.

    You took great pictures!

  7. @Practical Princess Thank you! you too have an inspirational blog!

  8. @biking in heels.
    I didn't realize he was the author of "The little mermaid and The ugly duckling". Two classics! Wow do you have pictures of his home? I'm getting a bit familiarized with him after you mentioned he is from your home town. I was reading the original story of the little mermaid, not quite the happy ending.

  9. Gracias por taking us in all your adventures

  10. Cris, glad to have you on board! AMO


Thank you for your comments!

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