Friday, February 12, 2010

It's time for medicine

It's not too often I'm able to capture these quiet times when she is contently entertained by simple things, such as a medicine dropper.

Beli has been recovering from a mild cold and she knows all too well when I say, it's time for your medicine. But today it's her baby blue doll getting the "medeezee."

Her feet were never quite this size but it does remind me of when she was an infant.

Now time to check for a fever.
Have a wonderful weekend and a Feliz Dia de San Valentin!
This post is linked to Friday ~Finding Beauty, a weekly event on Claudia's Dipity Road.


  1. OH MY WORD....she is so beautiful...those eye sweet that she is already figuring out how to love...mimicking her mama....sweet! Hope you have a grand weekend with your Valentine!

  2. Like mommy like daugter-- looks like she is taking perfect care of her baby.

    OMW... those eyelashes !! My middle son had ones like those-- every day I would tease him that I wanted them :)

    Have a lovely Valentines day and thanks so much for joining in FFB


  3. @Grey like snuffie, thanks for your kind words. She is a sweetie. When I ask for a kiss, she also automatically goes to Daddy to share the love.

  4. Hi!
    She's a beautiful little girl. She looks like she has the doctoring down good. Taking care of her doll. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  5. I am new to your blog via Dipity Road. I am also participating in the Finding Beauty Party.

    She is beautiful little girl with such soulful eyes and eyelashes that grown women would die for! So gentle tending to her sick baby. She learned well from her mother.


  6. She is such a princess, so beautiful!

    I wish you lovely weekend and buon San Valentino!

  7. Elisa -

    This is the post linked to Finding Beauty :

    - Deborah

  8. What a gorgeous little girl!

    I cherished those quiet moments with our sons, too! Truly small gifts of beauty!

  9. Oh my goodness - she is adorable. I love her little colorful outfit. Hope that she and her dollie are both feeling better now! :) Nancy

  10. She is beautiful! And she is concentrating so hard on feeding her "baby." Very sweet!

  11. Just when I was trying to send you a cheer message to your last post (the meditation...), it desapear!
    Even if I don't know spanish, I understood something of your feelings.
    In a nutshell due to this wonderful Internet, people that are alike can meet each other no mather the place where they live.
    Keep your cheen up!
    We speak different languages, we live in different places, but we, the good people, are in being!
    Keep going!
    The invisible strings of good thoughts are working!
    I hope that my-not-so-good-english didn't block the meaning of my message.

  12. No puedo creer. Bellisama, ella.


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