Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What happened after the crib escape........

There I was, sitting in the corner of our bed rocking my daughter and her 8 stuffed animals to sleep for over an hour. Ever since we converted her crib into a toddler bed her afternoon naps are becoming shorter or non-existent. Before I would let her cry it out and eventually she would doze off, but now with no barriers to prevent her from jumping out, she constantly gets out of the bed.

Take today for instance, we returned from her play date at Carobni Grad where she jumped and ran and after two hours I thought, "great, she will be tired and have a nice nap." Driving home she was rubbing her eyes, an indication she was sleepy.

But she had other plans. She ate lunch and I put her pajamas on and told her it was time for mee-mee (nap time) and her reply was NO!

I took her into the bedroom and began singing 1 lullaby and another one and a third one because after I started each one she would say, "No, twinkle sta...No rocka-baby....No hush-baby. OK, I tried humming. rocking her. nothing seemed to do the trick.

Then I asked, "did you poo-poo Isabela?" No, no poo-poo she replied. But I checked her diaper and she had poo-poo. I changed her diaper hoping that was the problem.

An hour passed by (maybe less, I don't know) finally I thought, "ok , I will let her alone and see if she will fall asleep on her own". I left the room and closed the door, a few minutes later there was silence. Ahh yes it worked! Then I hear a....giggle then another. I slowly opened the door and there she was, taking every single piece of clothing from her closet!

I thought, "I give up!"

What methods have you tried with your kids to get them to take an afternoon nap? I don't know about you, but I need my one hour of quietness to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee so I can resume the rest of the afternoon with a cheerful smile!


  1. LOL... this made me smile. They often have a mind of their own once they start growing, don't they?! my Isabella is now almost three and I STILL put her down for a nap... but I say it's 'Quiet time' now rather than expecting her to sleep - after a busy morning I still need that time and quite enjoy sitting and listening to her 'reading' her books. When she was smaller I would sometimes put a CD on; either a story or opera music - this used to sooth her to sleep when mummy's singing couldn't (ha ha!)

  2. oh, that's right your daughter's name is also Isabella! My Beli is such a little independent being. Sometimes she likes to be cuddled other times not. Thanks for the CD idea,I haven't tried that yet and you bring up a good point, (I don't have the best singing voice..maybe she is trying to tell me that? LOL.
    by the way. I ordered the book yeah! I can't wait to receive it in the mail.

  3. lol... I am almost definitely sure your voice is better than mine! Thank you so much for ordering my book :-) Gosh, I hope you enjoy even a little of it *nervous*... do let me know!

  4. Oh, dear, Elisa. Sadly, I have to say that at a certain point, when my son no longer needed an afternoon nap, there was no way I could keep him in the habit. I had to adjust to him. When it happened, it was quite obvious.

  5. this really made me laugh :) am not that far yet... bibs is only 6.5 months!! though already not a terrific sleeper!!!

  6. I have given up on our 3 year old even though she still needs to take a nap really. she just wont,. infact i've fallen asleep trying to get her to sleep and she's been up playing whilst i've napped!

  7. G, you might be right, maybe all she needs is "quiet time".

  8. Every child is different so there's no telling what Beli needs. Unfortunately for you, her napping habit might change and you might not get your hour in the afternoon from now on. But then, she might surprise you and fall asleep, on time, tomorrow. Kids are like that.

    But one thing for sure, she needs consistency and a ritual, like most kids. Music is a great idea as when she hears the same music, she might relate that to "quiet time" and fall asleep on her own. Just like there's a bedtime ritual, you should provide a "nap time" ritual too. Close the curtains, dim the light, put on the 'nap music'.

    And this is important.....don't let her get too tired. She will be so tired that she'll fight to go to sleep and get cranky for every little thing. My 17 y.o. still gets like that. :)

  9. Karen,
    I tried the music today. I put a CD of some soft croatian music.Put ME in a calmer mood. Probably to soon to know but I do want that to be part of her routine. I wasn't frustrated as other times rather I was embracing the moment I was spending with her and seeing the twinkle in her eyes. And you are right, sometimes she is Soooo tired but she fights it. As I'm writing this she is napping.=)

  10. Oooh boy. Eso va a complicar mi vida cuando decidamos tener un bebe. Necesito mi propio tiempo como tu! Con cafe!

    Me gusta la idea de Karen--permitir la nena descansar por costumbre (y tu sanidad). Suerte!

  11. Mi querida A.
    Si, creo que las naps se hicieron tanto para los bebes como para las mamas. Todo el dia corre y corre y pues se necesita un poco de calma.

  12. Children change, sometimes before you are ready for it. Keep the routine and if she doesn't sleep she can look at books and snuggle with her soft toys. It can be quiet time for both of you.

  13. @Porch days,
    I think it's denial on my behalf, that she is growing but I must acknowledge that her needs are also changing and so should mine.

  14. Thank you for your kind comments! Your daughter is darling! I felt like you were just describing the last few weeks at our house! My son used to be such a good sleeper. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted! Best of luck!


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