Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Tree

What or who is Beli running after?

Hurry, hurry there is a very energetic little girl chasing after you!

Whew! we are safe in here.

Safe in Grandma's arms.

This weekend we drove to the countryside to visit Beli's Great-grandparents. Hubby told me we were going to also meet his Grandma's nephew who was visiting Croatia after 35 years of living abroad (England). I told hubby, "you mean we have family in London?" You see, grandma Vida is the only surviving sibling, her sisters and brothers have all passed away. I'm very interested in family roots so I quickly started asking questions (with respect of course) because I wanted to construct a family tree for Beli. I think it's very important for her to know her extended family. Plus it's a more organized way of keeping all the names straight. To give you an example, on my Mother's side of the family I have 22 first cousins compared to hubby's 2 cousins. But then you go to the extended cousins and aunts and well the list just gets longer.

I remember as a kid every Christmas, all of my Mom's 9 siblings and spouses and kids gathered at my Grandparents home in Mexico. It was a fun time to see my cousins all together. Yes, those were some happy memories. I'm hoping, wishing to have a family reunion, but how do I begin?


  1. Yikes!! 22 first cousins? I can only imagine the chaos (fun chaos of course) of family get-togethers. Great post Elisa!

  2. Some names look portuguese!

  3. Whooaaa, I have about 4 first cousins - 22 is amazing! I love this post, Elisa - I think it's great that you've tracked down a lot of your family. A family tree is a wonderful thing to do for Beli! I wish I knew more about my family history, so I'm sure she'll appreciate it to! :)

  4. Robbie, Yes it was a fun chaos, lots of food and dishes to wash after (no dishwasher back then). hehe

  5. Maria Ana, in fact this is my Mom's side of the family.
    I'm still working on hubby's family tree. But they also have some similar 'spanish names" like Ana and Inez and Nena.

  6. Allison, I'm hoping to have her visit Mexico as most of my Father's side of the family still live there. They haven't met her yet.

  7. I've always loved keeping track of family too. My husband, not so much. It's not that he doesn't care, its just not something he's ever thought of much. I should write it all down for our future children! ;)


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