Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New shopping center

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The giant grocery store Konzum is spreading like weeds in the lovely city of Split, Croatia. It celebrated its newest location this past weekend. This shopping center not only has the grocery store Konzum, but there is a children's department store, a shoe store, a hair salon, ( I really wanted to get a hair cut) a pharmacy and an electronics store. Don't get me wrong, it's bringing hundreds of jobs to the city, but it's bad news for smaller grocery stores like Tommy. Yesterday we went to take a look around, it was a good excuse to be indoors (with 32C temperature outside) plus we needed a few essentials. It seems everyone had the same idea!
Peanut butter, 15 kunas (about 3 dollars) Coffee, 16 kunas.

I will say that I have never tasted more delicious yogurts than Dukat's brand. You won't find any package labeled: "fat free" or "100 calories" but just listen to these flavors: apple and cookie biscuits, blueberry and vanilla then you have plain strawberry, yummy right?
We were impressed, it almost felt as if we were in the States shopping at Target. The store was well organized and had a wide selection of products available. Their ethnic section included items such as red curry paste for 59 kunas! (about 11 dollars) or fajita sauce at 28 kunas (over 5 dollars). They were more expensive when compared to prices of local products but this is due to the taxes that must be paid to import the items. Overall it was fun to see what the store had to offer -( I counted 18 check-out stands) but like I told hubby, I rather support the smaller shops including the farmers market and fish market. You can't find fresher products than directly from the farmer's hand.

I resisted the urge to buy flour tortillas, I will be trying a second time to make them from scratch. I finally had a chance to ask my Mom for her recipe and she told me my first batch turned out crispy because I boiled the water instead of using warm tap water....oops.


  1. Elisa,
    you know i'm with you about the small shops!
    it's always very interesting to discover your part of the world.
    Hope you're keeping cool in the heat!

  2. hi elisa,

    sorry for not having time earlier (I will contact you asap), I want to compliment you on your consequent and charming style of publishing.

    I myselve did not yet have the time (running around for materials, and using them as planned) to have a look in this new giant store, so your info is most welcome.

    about superstores against small trade, well, if we go there, and we all like to, its a fact of life that some other busines will have to miss our visits (and money).
    fresh food markets and specialists will always survive, small "me-too's" will die in competition, and yes, prices will go down on daily stuff.
    sad for the little shopkeepers, good news for peoples purses, as competition always puts downward preasure on prices of daily needs (however for specialties they rip you of).

    thanks again for blogging, even for me its great to keep informed !!!

  3. it so looks like fun. i know what you mean about the smaller stores- but i have to admit- i do love my target ;) i do try to spread the love and shop in smaller stores too.... red curry paste- caq you believe that´s the only thing i told my kids they have to bring back from the us for me... that and cheddar cheese combos- don´t laugh. hugs!

  4. wow! that is a busy store!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a crowd!! Here in the states, except for large cities, the small grocery store is a thing of the past. Also very few independent bookstores. I miss that kind of shopping!

    Hope all is well with you and your family!!


  6. How delightful it is to explore new cultures! I recently visited Seoul for the first time, and I will have to share soon my pics from the grocery store!

  7. Yummm- those yogurts sound absolutely wonderful :) That's such a big crowd for the grocery store, but it must be nice having smaller grocery stores to go to as well. I haven't been to a small grocery store since I spent a summer living in New York City, and then it was just the bodega or corner store!
    Love the pictures, and thanks for the words of understanding about my job. I'm lucky to have something, it's just frustrating!

  8. Lala we are trying, and it involves lots of fruits and veggies and the sea and sunscreen, can't forget that.

  9. Hey PIm, good to hear from you! I still have your items. I'm sure you are missing them.

  10. Jane, Yes Target is an exception, my older sister has a Target behind her house and when I visited her I won't deny I was there almost every single day. Nothing wrong with cheese combos, because I'm sure you can't find them in Spain. Just like me and my corn tortillas. hehe

  11. how amazing to see products and brands from different cultures... I am pretty sure little one would love this yogurts :)

  12. Where is this new Konzum? We've been out of town, otherwise I would've been all over it. I'm especially interested in the ethnic section. I have bad cravings for non-mediterranean food lately.

    I shop at the main produce market almost everyday. However, I was disappointed to learn that only a handful of sellers actually grow their own stuff. The rest of the sellers all buy from the same suppliers. I used to watch them from my window at 4am. A guy sprays all the food with preservatives too (complete with face mask) so I would be extra careful about washing it. I guess it's the only way it can withstand a whole day in the Adriatic sun.

  13. It seems like it was a blast! Well, it can be hard to contain people’s curiosity, especially when it involves a newly-opened store. Everybody will surely take a look at what the new place has to offer. Anyway, I think there will be no tough competition between the bigger shopping center versus local market. The reason is that they tend to have their own target niche. Plus, they don’t have the same price range. That being said, I think the local markets are not going anywhere anytime soon. Good day!

    Sheldon Ward @ Brett-Halvorson Associates


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