Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One word: Summer

Sandia, watermelon.





"I scream, You scream, We all scream for ice cream."

I will be using these hot peppers when I make shrimp fajitas on Thursday.

Cilantro thriving next to the basil.
Perfectly ripe once a year, sweet peaches make the perfect dessert, whether baked into a flaky puffed pastry crust or simply enjoyed on its own, with plenty of napkins of course! What fruits do you enjoy eating in the summer?


  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    What a beautiful, beautiful share this morning. The pictures of sweet daughter, she is growing and they are so pretty. She has the most beautiful eyes. I love the one of her being helped with a great scoop of ice cream. The watermelon looks so yummy.

    Hot peppers and fresh cilantro from your garden. How delightful. Those peaches look so heavenly. I envy you deing able to have a garden. Here in Phoenix, it cost more to try for a garden with the watering that it takes so DH says I must purchase from the store. I can't even get tomatoes to grow on the patio. It was a 117 degrees in the shade of the patio yesterday.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful post today. I have so enjoyed myself. Have a gorgeous day sweet friend.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  2. This is such a fabulous post - Beli looks absolutely adorable! She's too cute for words. I'm also now craving a shrimp fajita, thanks to looking at the delicious veggies you're growing in your garden - yumm!
    I love blueberries and raspberries - they're definitely my favorite summer fruit (though watermelon is definitely a close second!).

  3. Yum yum! I love white peaches and nectarines :)

  4. So yummy...I love watermelon and I can see she likes it too:) Great flowers,sweetie and see you soon:)

  5. I love blueberries in summer...There are in season now:)
    So we eat a lot of them:)

  6. I love the watermelon--your daughter is beautiful! your garden looks great! I love fresh herbs and peppers.

  7. Sherry, I'm lucky I do have a small garden. We don't have a water hose outside so I usually have to carry water on a bucket to water my flowers. Now that is hot weather 117!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. 5 more days right?

  8. Heidi, hubby thinks I'm weird for eating not so ripe peaches with salt! I know it's abnormal, I also like watermelon with chili powder and lemon juice. umm picoso.

  9. thanks Allison, you are too sweet.
    I love raspberries as well.

  10. Diana, I have come across several delicious recipes for blueberries and now I want to start baking away.

  11. Hello!

    We have been eating A LOT of tomatos- It is a fruit which is most apprent when they are so fresh and juicy and we eat them like an apple!

    Lovely blog!

  12. aww, so sweet! Love watermelon in the summertime :)

  13. Hi Ren, thanks for commenting, because it lead me to your blog.I have been reading from your archives, I enjoyed the spring salad and molas.
    Tomatoes are delicious, plain or in a salad. tonight I had them with basil and a dash of olive oil.

  14. oh! summer treats... my baby loves ALL kinds of fruits :) and if it comes with ice cream a plus! love her green summer dress!

  15. Thanks darling for the book recomendations...I really want to read the second part of Eat,Pray,Love...:)You are so lovely

  16. Love the summer fruits and your daughter is so sweet, too.

  17. Thais, Perfect combination!

    the dress I purchased at Target. (I secretly wish to work there for the discount!)hehe

  18. oh you make me miss croatia so much!


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