Thursday, July 1, 2010

My trilingual toddler

Beli is doing amazingly well with all three languages. She is beginning to make the transition from asking me something in Spanish like, "que es Mami?" to walking over to hubby and asking the same question but in Croatian, " što je to?" As far as English is concerned, we aren't too worried, she knows the colors, and some animals, plus she listens to Mommy and Daddy interact and sometimes she repeats some phrases like, "excuse me" after she burps.
For right now we are concentrating on speaking our native tongues. I will admit that since Croatian is spoken all around her she tends to understand and speak it more often. It's quite comical though at times she asks me something in Croatian and keeps repeating it until I finally ask Hubby "what is she saying?!"
Yesterday, I asked her if she wanted uvas and she said, "uvas?" And I repeated in English "grapes" she replied "quieres uvas, no grapes!" I said, so you want uvas, but not grapes?"

Hubby and I only smiled!

Like all parents, knowing that we are providing a loving and nurturing environment is very important for us. Living overseas with hubby's family nearby is a decision we both made even before Beli was born. We both knew that we wanted to stay at home with her and this would have been quite difficult (but not impossible) to accomplish in the States.

We aren't sure how long our stay in Croatia will last so we take one day at a time until then, daily walks to the beach and afternoons with friends continue to be our routine.


  1. It's lovely that you can both be with Beli! I know Bobs really would like to spend more time with his daughter. they just grow so fast! I remember my niece (well the biggest of them) used to translate if you didn't understand what she was trying to tell you. soo cute!! Enjoy your routine!

  2. reading about how well your daughter is doing with three languages is wonderful. it makes me excited for my own future children.

  3. I think it's great that she is actually absorbing all three languages! and you guys being there just makes it easier on her... no english everywhere!

  4. She is such a sweetie and so smart:)Most of my friends use 2 or 3 languages in thier homes and one day when I will be a mom we will have 3 languages too:)
    I think its such a great thing for kids, right?
    Muah darling and she is so cute:)

  5. Babs that's so cute about your niece. My older nephew used to do the same for hubby, We would tell my nephew in spanish 'go tell your uncle that lunch is ready" and he would go and tell his uncle in english, because he knew he didn't understand spanish.
    I'm sure you are counting the days for your upcoming trip to London?

  6. @biking in heels, yes no need to worry. they will be trilingual as well right?

  7. Kids pick up languages so easy at a tender age! How lucky to be able to speak different languages!

    Beli is so cute! I smiled when she said uvas and not grapes!

  8. wow, Beli is a sponge, absorbing all of these languages!!! that's so great. I wish I had had that type of experience when I was younger, so I'm working on my language skills now :)

  9. She is a darling child who will have the ability to charm people in 3 languages. She is fortunate in her choice of parents :-). I hope the three of you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  10. @Thais, I never thought about that, I guess if we had english around us, she could very easily lean towards that language. (I'm guilty of that myself, and thus speaking spanglish with my sisters)

  11. Thanks Diana you are too sweet. So what 3 languages will your 'future' kids be speaking?

  12. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    Our kids are bilingual and it's hard enough to keep two at home, so I can't imagine trying to keep up with three! My older daughter is starting an English speaking kindergarten soon, so we'll see how she will keep up with Japanese, my language. It's going to be a challenge. You have some gorgeous photos. I didn't leave comments on every single one, but I've seen many beautiful photos on your blog. How fun! Kaho


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