Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From my kitchen: Fusion of Jalapenos and Tomatoes

I call this Elisa's Jalapeno Arugula Mediterranean Salad and the best part, it's 100% organic.

In Croatia, arugula is also known as rikula, and when I order it by name at the supermarkets I always giggle because it reminds me of the cough drops ricola.

So happy to have jalapenos growing in Grandma's garden. I will be preparing fresh salsa, pico de gallo and why not prepare a summer salad with them?

Here is my recipe for the Jalapeno Arugula Mediterranean Salad

1 bunch of arugula (rikula), rinsed and chopped

2 large tomatoes cubed

2 bell peppers diced

1 or 2 jalapenos diced, depending how crunchy and spicy you want your salad to be

2Tbsp of olive oil

pinch of salt

mix all and enjoy!


  1. Pico de gallo is bomb diggity! I just had some of that for taco night!

  2. Ohhh that post:)

    I would love to have some of this Jalapeno Arugula Mediterranean Salad...yummy:) Those are such a great photos,sweetie:)

    Kisses and see you soon:)

  3. Pico de gallo!!! Thanks for the recipe! I love having a recipe like this. Since it's hot here, this would be a great salad to serve. First I've got to find Jalapeno though! Kaho

  4. Wow! Organic pico de gallo! Love it! Sigh, I make mine from the can...instant, not as authentic as yours!

    Salads are best in the summer time!

    P.S. Sorry for this late reply, I have been tending to my sick cat.

  5. Hi Stephanie,yummy with tacos, you have the right idea!

  6. Diana I'm glad you like the recipe, super easy right?

  7. Kaho, I hope you have luck finding the jalapenos, there are quite rare to find here, if we are lucky I can buy 4 or 5 for around $4 dollars! yeah. so last year we ordered some seeds via ebay and we started them in small containers then this spring we transferred them to hubby's grandma's garden. I'm a happy girl with my jalapenos

  8. Oh Ebie, I'm sorry to hear about your cat, I will be over to write it on your blog.. hope all is well.

  9. Oh, that salad looks yummy!! I love tomatoes, especially in the summer! xoxo

  10. sounds delish! i'd love a good pico recipe too! do share!

  11. Sounds good, even though I can't handle the hot stuff.

  12. Hi there Melissa! yes tomatoes are quite versatile and you can always eat them alone with a dash of salt.

  13. Jen, I will have to prepare it again, the pico de gallo, because I do a little of this, and etc but don't have the exact measurements. I will share of course.

  14. Carolynn, you can switch the jalapenos for a small dash of crush pepper, it would do the trick or you can omit them as well, it will still be a yummy salad.


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