Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lazy Saturday morning

This morning I glanced out the window and saw people walking to the beach and it was only 9am. I prepared coffee while hubby got the pool ready for Beli. With scorching temperatures we thought it was safer to stay at home.

Beli spent the morning running in and out of the terrace.

She couldn't decide between the pool and playing indoors with her small collection of toys so she did both!
I also tried to change her into underpants for her 'potty training days' but I guess she's not very fond of the whole idea. Here she is hiding from me because she went pee-pee behind the couch.

In the afternoon we called our friends in NYC to wish them a happy birthday and learned they are celebrating by going to Philly! Can't wait to see the photos from their trip. Have a happy 4th of July, be safe and eats lots of bombones smores! What plans do you have for the weekend? We will be with hubby's grandparents, hopefully the episode of the missing kernel is long forgotten.


  1. So cute! She's absolutely adorable, and that picture of her hiding is absolutely hysterical. Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures! :)

  2. the sun looks SO good! in seattle it feels like winter ;( enjoy your 4TH!

  3. Allison, she is always hiding from ME! LOL. by the way LOVe your blueberry recipes. perfect for the 4th.

  4. Thais, the weather here is crazy! just a week ago it felt like Fall not summer. Hopefully the sun will come out to greet you soon.

  5. She is sooo cute! Really hot in Europe hein!? I hope the weather will stay nice when we are in the UK - you just never know. Here we haven't seen a rain drop in over a month now... I fancy a walk on the beach :)
    Happy 4th july!

  6. Ohhhh....I'd love to be there.....


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