Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Talking, Talking

Isabela talks to Anything and Everything!!
She loves looking at books and finding grandpa/grandma/cat/dog/bear/baby/ball/papa/shoe/mama/tata/horse/chicken/mouse.
She knows her body parts in Croatian:

Noga: wiggles her toes (noga is the word for leg/foot)
Ruka: waves her hand
Oko: squints her eye
Nos: points to nose
Usta: pouts her lips
Uho: pulls on ear
Glava: hits her head
Kosa: pulls her hair (but she can't say kosa she says Soka.......)
And now YOU know 8 croatian words!!

And most animals she also knows in Croatian but today I taught her the english word for pakta and it was so cute the way she said ducky,ducky streching the eeee duckeeeeeeeee

I speak to her in Spanish and she understands as much as she understands Croatian, for example:sientate, she sits, or dad tells her in croatian (sorry I don't know how to spell the croatian word for sit)
Today I caught her "feeding" her medo/bear..and saying papa,papa...

Went to the fish market...took us half an hour to find a place to park downtown (parking is a nightmare!!). If you really want a good selection of fish you have to be there at 5 or 6am not 10am, but those with a 16-month can you really blame them for sleeping in? Oh well, we came back with shrimp and squid. I will tell you, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to eat or see another shrimp without gagging. I "volunteered" to clean the shrimp....well........having those round brown eyes stare back at me with its long red antennas and its claws so sharp....ahhhhh I was actually grossed out. Davor had to finish cleaning them. Honestly it might be awhile before I eat shrimp again.
I mentioned earlier I don't eat any meat derived from 4 legged animals ooops forgot to include 2 legged/winged animals, and NOW practically any animal with legs or EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might, just might become FULL BLOWN vegetarian.

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  1. Los mariscos,mujer!


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