Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hiking 101

After reading this story you might find our adventure hilarious (and yes it's ok to laugh) but at the time we were a bit frustrated and upset at the way you have to find your way around the city. I was SO excited about hiking today. I even pulled out my "hiking" shoes that I bought in Colorado and had only worn once. I also prepared our backpack with water and some yummy snacks.

We drove our little one to grandma and grandpa and off we went! Isabela was more than happy to spend time with Baka and Dida.

Attempt #1:
We are driving via Podstrana to Mosor Mountains and going by my husband's recollection from 20 years ago. Of course the signs don't help much as they don't give you distance info. We find a trail and assume it is the one. I pull the backpack from the trunk and proudly wear it. We are walking and I am looking around taking in the scenery and fresh scent of pine trees. "Beautiful".

Then we come to this: a small stream no continued trail on either side. DEAD END after 5 minutes!

No big deal we turn around and decide to ask for directions at the nearest grocery store.The young girl said "oh, just follow the signs, they will get you there!"

Attempt #2:
Get back in car and we are following the signs (just like the girl instructed us to do) and I am thinking, the road is taking us higher and higher up the mountain, are we really going to get to hike any of it? Oh look, I say to my husband a sign for the mountains, he said yeah it will take you to the Observatory. We stop and park the car. Again I pull out the backpack and proudly wear it. Ok I am ready. We start walking on the gravel road but I don't see any trail that is clearly marked (this was according to a website I read). We keep walking and walking, not "hiking".
Now I don't want to sound like a five- year old child throwing a tantrum and pouting her lips, but this is not what I had in mind. I had envisioned pine trees and different species of plants get the picture. My husband who knows me too well, says do you want to hike a different way? So we try to hike UP a hill with loose rocks quite scary because my foot kept twisting in spite of wearing my "hiking" shoes and then I said I rather give in to being safe than being adventurous. We return to the gravel road and we are looking around and then my Husband states " look over there..across that hill.. I see parked cars, I think that is where we need to be". I said but we are suppose to be at your parents for lunch and we won't have enough time to hike and be on time. He said its fine we will call them and inform them we will be late. I said sure lets do it. Feeling optimistic again.

Attempt #3:
Get back in the car and he starts driving and not even 2 minutes pass by, I kid you not, we see Another sign, oh if only we had continued driving. Allright I think we are on the right track (the girl was right after all, "follow the signs and they will get you there!")
Yeah! we made it and you know what? it was worth the trouble of finding it!
And we found the marked trail.

Although I ended up ditching the backpack, but hubby volunteered to carry it.

About half-way is a restaurant where you can eat and rest. It was here we saw a donkey and cows grazing. We found rosehip bushes and decided to pick some for making tea at home. Hiking back was easier and we had a warm lunch to go home to. It was exhausting yet fun. We are thinking of hiking another mountain next weekend. Think you want to come along on that adventure??? (Laughing permitted)

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  1. I want to go hiking!! and some rosehip tea..yum


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