Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day To Remember

Yesterday being Labor Day weekend I asked Davor if he remembered what we did last year during this time because I couldn't remember. My parents visited us every year we lived in Colorado except last year (why didn't they visit last year? again can't remember). I gave up remembering for the time being.

We went over to Parents home for lunch. Most Sundays we try and get together and I like to call it "FAMILY DAY". Grandparents and Uncle get to see Isabela and she LOVES running around in their apartment and grabbing stuff she shouldn't. I say she is spoiled, "chiple" because if she wants something she shouldn't have(ie:picture frame) and I say No! then she cries but more of a I want it, and I want it NOW cry. Well grandma or grandpa hear her cry and give it to her and Nada tells me she is not spoiled. Isabela is their first grandchild after all, can't blame them.

Well let me tell you what we had for lunch. Nada is a great cook and I personally think she should open her own KONOBA (family restaurant).

Noodle Soup (made with real Veal stock)

Octopus Salad (cooked octopus cut in small pieces tastes like calamari but without being fried and then she added cooked potatoes, onions, olive oil, parsley and garlic it was so GOOD)

Shrimp(with shells) cooked with pasta and a white sauce and parsley (this was prepared for me since I don't eat meat derived from 4 legged creatures)

Cooked Veal with vegetables

And to accompany all that, yeap white wine

I really really really wanted to know what we did last year for labor day weekend 2008, just because, the stubborness in me..


As we were eating I asked Nada if she remembered what we did last year at this time because she was with us in Colorado at the time. She said maybe you worked and you erased it from your memory? I said you are right, I probably did have to work..

And then Nada said I proprose a toast:

"May today be a day you will remember"

Ahhh what a wonderful toast!!

CHEERS to all of YOU!!!!!!!! and may you also remember Labor Day 2009!!!!

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  1. Nada is a great chef.Her creations are absolutely splendid.
    I dont remember what we did for labor day last year...ummmm


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